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Celebrate the end of another week and a new beginning as we move firmly into the Summer Anime season. As always, I’ve found so many really great posts over the last week and below are some links to a few that really caught my eye, however I’d love for you to share a link if there’s a post you want to give a shout out to.


Mythos from the Backloggers shared a bit of a personal post about the importance of seeing our homes in media. He looked specifically at Fallout and its depiction of West Virginia and it was a really great post to read. Okay, not anime related, but I love the Fallout games and this was such a well written post that I just had to have it on the list this week.

Mistress of Yaoi tells us that Banana Fish isn’t Yaoi but it is still Awesome in a post that looks at the first episode, some of the reaction to it, and also recommends a manga for those who are looking for something similar to read. A great post to check out if you are curious at all about the anime.

AhNeeMeh looks at some anime titles that have been either mistranslated or changed when translated into English. I really enjoy reading posts where I also learn a little, or am pushed to actually use some of my Japanese and so I found this post interesting because usually I don’t try to translate Japanese titles but some of these it should have been obvious that the English wasn’t right if I’d thought about it.

Umai Yomu Anime Blog has a review of season 2 of Nanatsu no Taizai (or the Seven Deadly Sins). While I watched season 1, I wasn’t really feeling a return to these characters but I’ve enjoyed reading some of the reviews around the episodes and now that its done I’m enjoying reading how people feel about it overall. Maybe one day I’ll get around to watching it, but in the meantime if you want to know what it is all about and how this season is different from season 1, this is a great review to check out.

Yuri Nation looks at Ikuno from Darling in the Franxx and why she isn’t a tragedy but a hero. With all the controversy around Darling in the Franxx it is sometimes easy to overlook some of the things that went well in the series, and this post looks at Ikuno’s character in a fairly positive way, highlighting one of the reasonably successful character arcs in the story as well as how a gay character has been represented.

A Piece of Anime has a review of Darling in the Franxx that looks at the show’s early successes and then some of the ways it unravelled toward the end. Through this they look at the themes the anime initially seemed to be developing and the way these were handled, or not handled, as the show progresses. For those who have avoided Franxx drama this review might be a bit spoilery but it will give you an overall impression of what the show does and doesn’t do.

Jon Spencer does a retrospective on the WIXOSS franchise giving a brief overview of each of the four seasons. It won’t come as a surprise to anyone who follows Jon that he’s a fan of the series and now that Lostorage Conflated Wixoss has essentially wrapped up all plausible loose ends, it is a great time for reflection on the series as a whole.

Irina muses on what makes a good review and generated a lot of blogger discussion. This is something that all anime reviewers should have a read of and the comments and get involved in the discussion. A nice reflection post to generate community conversation that allows everyone to think about their practice. Thanks Irina.

Over on BlazTavern, Tanteikid wrote a response to a post I wrote awhile ago asking the question of what happens when you get tired of anime (or rather why I don’t think that will happen). I really enjoyed reading someone else’s perspective on this and it was a great post to come across this week.

Otaku, She Wrote has a really brilliant analysis of the second episode of Banana Fish out this week. Okay, spoiler heavy if you haven’t watched the episode but a really detailed breakdown of what happened in the episode and the symbolism used in each scene and sequence. A really great post to check out this week if you are watching Banana Fish.

Pick of the Week

Frog-Kun gets into the inherent problem behind the conceit of one person coming in to a historical or fantasy setting and fixing it in their post ‘How a Not So Realit Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom on Privilege and Hubris‘. It is an interesting post to read as it clearly identifies an issue with the basic premise of all such stories, yet I think most of us were already aware that modern knowledge or not, we aren’t going to save a kingdom (just look at the world we live in the problems we’ve created as a society and do very little to fix to know that the average person is not exactly enlightened even if we understand a little bit more about the world). I really enjoyed this post as it is so clear in its explanation and arguments and it is something worth thinking about both in literature and in the real world.

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16 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. I completely agree there were so many amazing posts this week, it’s almost impossible to choose between them.Really enjoyed Jon’s Wixoss post as it’s a show I have been considering to watch for quite a while now 😊

  2. Thank you for the kind words! I’m definitely gonna have to check some of these out, particularly Irina’s and Frog-kun’s which I somehow missed. O_o

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