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For those who missed it, I am now back from my short break and ready to get into the Summer Anime season. That said, I didn’t exactly get around to reading much last week so unfortunately, no links to share.


I do want to thank everyone who sent me good wishes as the last couple of months have been a little bit rough health wise, and I am hopeful that the break has done me a world of good. I’m pretty fired up at the moment for the new anime season and am really looking forward to doing some catch-up anime viewing and checking out everyone’s blogs this week.

While I was away, I did some re-posted reviews so if you missed them the links are below. As always, feel free to give a shout out to a post you think deserves some attention from last week in the comments below. It would be great if you could let me know what I should try to catch up on.

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Series reviews:

It’s a bit short compared to my normal week, but that’s all that happened for me. Looking forward to getting back into it this week.

Thanks for reading.

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8 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

    1. So far it has been interesting. I’ve had more misses than hits with Summer shows so I’ll see how today goes as I catch up on first episodes that I missed.

  1. Okay..this is really going to be the last time I say this now: Welcome back! Looking forward to the upcoming weeks and whatever posts you will have in store for us 😊

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