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And we reached the end of yet another intense week. I can’t even blame work given I barely got there last week. This time it was definitely health related chaos that threw me into disarray. Thanks everyone for your well wishes on Twitter and on the blog, and I am feeling mostly better. I have to get some more tests done in a few weeks but otherwise I should be business as usual for the time being.

However, let’s get onto anime related things. I’m going to blame the World Cup for a serious dive in anime related activity toward the end of last week (that might not be true, but its where I’m placing blame). Still, there were plenty of interesting posts that came out over the past week and here I’ve collected a few of them. Be sure to share a link in the comments below if there is a post you feel deserves a shout out.


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Ciel and Sebastian

Mei has a great write up on Soo Won from Akatuski no Yona. It’s quite a long post but if you are looking for a post focused on this character, it certainly has a lot of detail and love behind it. Well worth the read.

Lita Kino shares a great piece of advice about ensuring we explain why when recommending an anime, and she does it with the help of a classic like The Swan Princess. This post really made me smile this week and was a great read.

Irina gives us an amazing overview of Van Hohenheim’s character from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood that really looks at the man and how his character was formed through the trial of immortality. He’s a character who doesn’t get a lot of deconstruction in FMA Brotherhood posts so this was kind of fun to read.

Two Happy Cats shares five anime blogging tips to keep you motivated. Again, a great example of someone reaching out to the community with some timely advice for other bloggers. Well worth checking out.

Yuu Sanctuary compares GGO with GGO Alt and reflects on what each brought to the story. Whether you like or hate SAO, have enjoyed or found Alternative mind-numbing, there is something in this post for anyone who has ever watched either part or both.

Bloom Reviews looks at Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card and how it managed to disappoint them as a fan. As I read this, it felt so incredibly familiar as while drafting my review of the series for next week I tried to deal with that sense of disappointment and put it in perspective and review what the show was rather than what I wanted it to be. Still, there’s no doubt that many a Cardcaptor fan has felt Clear Card missed its mark a little bit and this post definitely addresses that.

AhNeeMeh shares some anime character facial expressions. Long time anime watchers have probably figured most of these out, but will enjoy seeing some of their favourite characters. Newer viewers might suddenly get why characters faces suddenly change colour or shape. Fun read through.

Lethargic Ramblings looks at the importance of My Anime List. After all the uproar over MAL being down, there have been some interesting debates going on about whether MAL has outlived its usefulness. This post looks at why that might not be true and how some people use MAL.

Pick of the Week

The Bugblog has a fantastic post looking at Baccano and Pulp Fiction and some of the similarities in the way they construct narrative. If I’m honest though, any post featuring those two titles was going to get my attention, but it was a fantastic read as it looked at the way multiple narratives have been constructed and time has been manipulated within both texts. Really great post and I’m glad I came across it last week.

My Stuff

And that was my week, in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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