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Here we go again. Okay, my week sucked but anime as normal is good. For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, I’ve had some issues with headaches over the past week (well actually a series of minor migraines where one just starts fading when the next one slams into my skull) and so I’ve been up and down like a yo-yo in terms of mood and actually being awake for the latter half of last week. As a direct result I’m way behind on work and I’m pretty sure most of my posts over the weekend are riddled with even more typos than normal and I’m not holding a lot of hope out for anything I write this week. Sigh. My apologies for any issues with the content and hopefully I’ll get back up to speed ASAP.

In the meantime, I’ve gathered some great posts from around the internet, though not as many as I would have liked as I definitely didn’t visit as many blogs as I normally would. Please feel free to give a shout out to any posts you read during the week that you feel need more attention in the comments below.


  1. I’m hosting #JonsCreatorShowcase for June so remember to send your submission (favourite post from May) to me by June 25. Thanks to the 23 people who have already sent a link my way via Twitter.
  2. It is time to vote for the best and worst of the season for Spring 2018, so be sure to hop on over to the post, cast your votes, and please help share the poll as the more the merrier. You do have until the end of June to get your vote in, but I’m pretty sure most of us know what we liked and hated this season by now.


In case anyone missed this: Raistlin is back. And yes, I am excited to see him return to his blog after his hiatus.

Reasons to Anime hits us with 5 reasons to watch Higurashi. Okay, they also gave us three reasons not to in a related post, but given I love Higurashi – When They Cry, I was definitely drawn to this post that looks at some of the great reasons to watch the series.

The Spooky Redhead, who shares some amazing lists, gives us four fantastic moments from Victor (from Yuri on Ice), when he was just truly savage. While there are so many sweet moments between Yuri and Victor, it is great sometimes to see Victor’s more snarky side come out and the final one on this list is a classic moment that I don’t think anyone watching the show ever forgot.

Cactus Matt from Anime Q&A shares a list of 10 Western Songs used as Anime OP’s. It’s a great list with some great songs so be sure to hop on over and have a read and a listen. Okay, I really love lists and this week has had some great ones, clearly.

Biblionyan continues the list trend giving us 5 futuristic anime dystopians. Again, another great list with some fantastic anime on it, particularly if you are into sci-fi or really just like to see how bad things could get in the future.

Animangaspellbook spells out some definitions of terminology that get tossed around by anime and manga fans regarding series and seasons. It is interesting to look at how these terms and others can and have been described given they are used to often but may not always have the same meaning.

Mechanical Anime Reviews reviews Lost Universe. This is an anime I wasn’t at all acquainted with and I enjoyed reading about it and there is some real opinion coming out in this review that makes it quite interesting to read. I’m not sure I want to watch the anime after reading this review, but I definitely enjoyed the review.

Pick of the Week

Cain S Latrani bravely takes on and reviews The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. While this anime is infamous for its Endless Eight, there is so much more to the series than that and this review beautifully high lights the highs, the lows, and all the stuff in between that makes watching this anime so worth your time. Be sure to check it out. Then later we have the follow up review of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. All and all it was a great week for Haruhi over there and these two posts are both well worth the read.

My Stuff

And that was my week, in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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11 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. Much appreciated. I do what I can to be at least mildly interesting and entertaining.

    You take care of yourself. Anything related to your head is tough. Like you with yours intact and working.

  2. Wow, one day back, and you feature me like this and like so many people have done today are totally making me shy and blushing all over the place. Thanks so much for doing this: you are totally awesome 😊
    I am very sorry to hear about your migraines though. I hope that you will recover soon and are able to at least get some sleep. And really no need to apologise at all. From what I have read today your content is as cool as always! Focus on getting better soon, and please take good care 😊

    1. Thank you. I’ve got to go back to work today so I’ll see how long that last before I’m driven back home. Hopefully I last the day, though I don’t know that I’ll be functional for blogging this evening.

      1. Hmmm…that really doesn’t sound good. I’m getting a bit worried now. You take good care of yourself okay? Work is work: your health is way more important than that at any day. I know that can sometimes be an easy thing to say, but having had my own issues the past few weeks, there were certain days/weeks where I wished I had taken it a bit more slow. Anyway before I start to sound like an overly worried elderly grandfather (Lol), just take it slow as much as you can. Feel better soon 😊

        1. Thank you. I did get sent home from work and I’ve got an appointment to see a doctor tomorrow. But it will pass. It always does.

          1. Hmm…okay well I hope that whatever it is, it really isn’t anything serious and you will make a recovery soon. And I think it’s wise to at least go and see the doctor. Will keep my fingers crossed for you. Keep me updated if you can, and in the meantime just keep relaxing and doing fun things (like watching anime for instance 😂). Take care and feel better 😊

      1. Haha…well I don’t know about that..Raistlin can be very brutal at times you know 🙂 Seriously though, thank you. The welcome back that I am receiving from everyone in the community has been absolutely amazing 🙂

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