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Last week was a really fantastic week as I celebrated the second anniversary of 100 Word Anime. It was a little early given the real anniversary is tomorrow, but I will not be online most of this week even though I have scheduled content. I will catch up on replying to comments at the end of the week so please let me know how you felt about the anime reviewed and I’ll hopefully catch up on reading blogs next weekend. As a result, I won’t have an In Case You Missed It post for next week but I’ll try and make the one the week after a little longer and cover content from both weeks (if  I can). In the meantime, enjoy the posts I found last week, there are some really fantastic reads in the list below.


Daiyamanga has a review of the manga for Kamisama Kiss. Reading this may have influenced my choice of images for this week’s In Case You Missed It. This is one I haven’t read the manga of but I love the anime and I’ve been wanting to pick up the story in the manga because it seems like it should be really interesting and reading this review has just made me more interested in giving the manga a go.

When Sirius Writes has a lengthy and fairly positive review of Violet Evergarden. I’m still in the haven’t seen it camp but reviews like this do make me curious. I know there have been reviews that have been less enthusiastic but there have definitely been a lot of these very positive reviews around. I really liked reading this because the love of the show is just filling nearly every line of it.

Irina on I Drink and Watch Anime attempts to defend 5 from Terror In Resonance from the large amount of criticism that floats around about her. While I once again disagree with Irina’s view, I like how she puts together her argument in support of the fickle character and makes us at least think back over why we don’t like her.

Ahoge Girl has a review of Beserk (1997). This I still have not watched though I will admit the clear love coming out of this review kind of made me a little more curious than I have been about the show. A lot of passion here and a great read.

The Quotorium has part 1 of a post on Yuri on Ice looking at Love as Narrative. If you love Yuri on Ice and you love pulling stories apart to see what makes them tick, this post is going to be a fantastic read for you (not to mention, it’s another Yuri on Ice post). Well worth checking out.

The Spooky Red-Head gives us another great list sharing 8 Supporting Characters who need some love. There’s some fan favourites for supporting characters on this list and then a couple of slightly more interesting choices. Well worth checking out and considering who you would have included on your list.

The Luminous Mongoose compares Girls’ Last Tour with Made in Abyss in a new series on their blog that they are calling Mirror Match. It is an intriguing comparison of the common elements of the shows and how they deal with them a little bit differently and I had a lot of fun reading this first one. Clearly there are some spoilers for people who haven’t watched the anime being compared.

Anime Corps looks at their expectations for the WIXOSS franchise and how they have been built up, dashed and why they might now be cautiously optimistic. It is a fairly personal account of their relationship with the series and where they think it has gone right and wrong, but it certainly gives anyone who has been watching Wixoss something to think about.

Artificial Night Sky has a really interesting post about the weight of time looking at the psychological toll time loops have had on a range of characters across Steins;Gate, Madoka Magica, Re:Zero and even the Empty Box and Zeroth Maria. I really enjoyed reading this post and definitely recommend checking it out.

Pick of the Week

Toxic Muffin shares their thoughts on Oppressed Villains. It is a really interesting post looking at how villains have been positioned in some movies/anime and examples of well written villains who have come from an oppressed background. Villains are an interesting bunch, but regularly are poorly written or given one note motivations, so looking at how villains have been crafted in stories to be genuinely sympathetic or understandable is a great topic and this post provides some excellent examples and explanation. Well worth checking out.

My Stuff

This week was all about the anniversary so please check out any posts you may have missed and be sure to visit the blogs of the contributors. I’d like to offer them all one more round of thanks for taking time out of their schedules to participate and share their advice with the community. Hopefully you enjoyed last week and I look forward to planning next year’s anniversary (and many more after that). If you missed out on being a contributor this time around, be sure to keep an eye out next year as I will certainly be asking people to join in the celebration again. This blog continues because of the amazing readers and I would love to have as many of you as possible involved.

And that was my week, in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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