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This week saw us close most shows for the Winter season with a lot of series getting full reviews. There were certainly too many to cover all of them, but here are some of the posts that caught my eye this week. Be sure to leave a comment if there was a post that caught your eye that you would like to share.


Cain S Latrani has an interesting review of Kotoura-San which isn’t exactly an anime I hear about a lot so if you are interested in knowing what it is about, this is a good review to check out. The show itself has some dark content amongst the silliness so if you are concerned about suicide or similar topics, possibly pass on the post.

Mechanical Anime Reviews discusses Darling in the Franxx and mecha anime coming in 2018. There’s some interesting perspectives here on Franxx and it is just great seeing some of the titles coming up later in the year that we can look out for. Well worth checking out if you even mildly enjoy mecha anime.

Also on Darling in the Franxx, the Only Shinyuu Site has a review of episodes 10 and 11 but looks closely at how each character is approaching relationships in this story. With the pilot system being set-up the way it is, these relationships exist for more than just teen drama (although there is definitely some of that going on) and it is interesting to see how each character has been unique in their approach.

Lita Kino will give you some great reasons not to skip on watching Full Metal Panic. This is such a fun and passionate post and well worth the read even if you’ve already watched the anime as it will just remind you of some great things about it.

End of the Season Thoughts

A Nerdy Perspective shares their thoughts on Junji Ito Collection now that it is complete. I think this review kind of covers what most of are thinking about the anime given when I ran a short twitter poll on this most people voted it either meh or suggested people avoid it. Still, if you are curious as to some of the reasons why it doesn’t work, this review is worth reading. Mine will be out tomorrow.

Lina from Tiny Ugly Animal gives us their thoughts on School Babysitters in all its sugary sweetness and shallowness. Again, if you are curious at all about this show, this will give you a pretty good idea about the good and the less great aspects of the show. Give it a read.

Rory Muses takes on a review of A Place Further Than the Universe and gives it quite the positive write up. While I put the show on hold at episode 1 as it just wasn’t the kind of show I was interested in following week to week, it has definitely gained a lot of love this season, and this review kind of captures that feeling. If you would like a reason to watch be sure to check it out.

For some more love on A Place Further Than The Universe, Otaku Brit also shares their quite positive thoughts on the series. If I find a negative review, I’ll definitely link to it just to give some balance, though it is seeming unlikely at the moment. Anyway, this is another review that looks again at the positives of the series and gives clear reasons for their love of it. Worth a read.

And yet another review of A Place Further Than The Universe (and I didn’t include all the reviews I found of this but there were many) comes from The Pirates of the Burley Griffin. There’s a very logical structure to this review (and all the reviews on this blog) and it contains enough information without giving away too much. Definitely a review worth checking out.

Pick of the Week

Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime has an excellent post this week about the art of argument – or at least discussion around opposing view points – that I found really great to read (not just because she linked to me). “I Respectfully Disagree” looks at the positives that can come from disagreement and looking at things from more than your own view point as well as ways we can word comments to invite discussion. Something for all bloggers and blog readers to gain from and well worth checking out if you missed this. 

My Stuff

My week was pretty much the same as normal. I looked at the top 5 reasons I like Kirito as a character and then my feature this week look at the ‘near great’ shows of the season and why they weren’t great but why that didn’t matter.

For reviews I looked at Sengoku Night Blood, Acchi Kocchi and then for my light novel review I looked at the first volume of So I’m A Spider, So What? (I recently received the second volume and am now devouring it). Inquiring Minds looked at who I would go on an adventure with and I assembled my crack team to do all the heavy lifting for me. Who would be on your team?

And that was my week, in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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  1. Thanks for featuring my A Place Further Than the Universe review. Definitely a show that I would easily recommend to anyone.

  2. Thank you so much for including my Junji Ito Collection review! It always makes me happy to know that my posts are worth reading! Your In Case You Missed It posts are always a great read to see things I may have missed out on and I really appreciate it when you have included my posts! 😀

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