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Another week is done and as always we have some fantastic posts that we have stumbled over as I have continued my search to devour all and every bit of anime content I have time for. Now, I know some of you are aware of that glitch that comes up from time to time where comments go straight to spam, and this week it has been happening to me. There are two main problems with this. The first is that people don’t see the comments I’ve written unless they rummage through their spam, and the second is that it kind of kills my motivation to comment given it is very frustrating watching comments disappear. I’m not the only one this impacts and it doesn’t happen every time on every blog, just periodically I’ll hit a patch where this happens. So, for all of the bloggers out there who hit this issue from time to time, please remember to occasionally check your spam.

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Absolutely not anime related but a great post from Plot and Theme that looks at Kubrik’s attention to details and how it subverts normalcy in The Shining.  I love the movie and I love some of the odd choices that were made when making it that result in an unnerving experience even when little seems to be amiss on screen. This post was a fantastic explanation of these choices and was a great read.

Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews looks at 5 great romances in mecha anime. Now most of us don’t immediately think of romance when we think of mecha but a large number of mecha anime do in fact have a fairly developed romance sub-plot (or actually just an embedded romance) for one or more of the main characters so this was a great post to remember some of the fantastic relationships that exist in mecha anime.

Lethargic Ramblings has an interesting ramble in Defence of Nostalgia. While a lot of the examples here are video game related, the nostalgia arguments comes up a lot when reviewing anime and this is an interesting post that provides good reasoning for the point of view presented.

CarnivorousL Reviews shared a review of Girls’ Last Tour. They start out by comparing some of the elements to Made in Abyss but move on to just talking about Tour. Lots of pretty scenery images shared as well as discussion about the girls in question. A really fun read.

Kawaii Paper Pandas went all out on the cute this week looking at ten crazy cute critters in anime and there are some great choices on this list and in the honourable mentions. In a season where people’s sense of reason is being over-ridden by the ridiculous cuteness that is a miniature mummy and his friends, this is a very apt list.

Cactus Matt from Anime Q and A turns his attention to anime films and has a go at reviewing Your Name with 20 questions. This post is both an excellent review of the movie and a great demonstration of why Cactus Matt’s review format is kind of cool because he gets to take both sides of an argument in one review. Anyway, well worth reading whether you have seen the film or even if you are one of those people who have still managed to miss it as he keeps the review pretty spoiler free and yet it is great fun to read.

Moe Sucks has a review of episode 11 Darling in the Franxx that looks at the characters and their motives in their usual interesting style. A nice detailed episode review for those who are interested.

Shoujo Thoughts is sharing an AMV featuring everyone’s favourites from Yuri On Ice and that kind of made my weekend shine just a little bit brighter.

Pick of the Week

Aldael’s Attic explains what is wrong with Junji Ito Collection and how to fail at horror. This post looks at elements that have worked for other horror anime before turning its attention to the short comings of Collection. For fans of horror anime this is a must read and a chance to really think about which anime have succeeded at horror. I couldn’t pass this up this week because I love horror anime and not enough is written about it.

My Stuff

My week was pretty typical with a top 5 countdown of Madhouse titles and Friday’s Feature looking at Sailor Jupiter. Inquiring minds turned to the topic of food this week and that was kind of fun but writing that post just made me hungry. Remember if you have a question you would like answered you can complete the survey that is linked to the post and I will add your question in to be answered.

Outside of the articles, this week I reviewed Katanagatari and My Little Monster as well as the Light Novel version of Rokka: Brave of the Six Flowers.

That was my week in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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