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That is another week down in the ani-blogging world, and in everyone else’s world too. We’re nearing the end of the season and the start of something new and people are already starting their speculation about what shows they will pick up next season. Before we move on entirely though, remember to vote for your best and worst of the season for my reader’s poll (here). Also remember I am calling for contributors to my second blog anniversary and if you want to be involved check out the post (here).

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Lita and Irina combined this week to share some blogging tips with the community. You can find part one on Irina’s blog and part two on Lita’s blog. Though, I’m pretty sure most people caught these posts already, they are a fantastic read and give two perspective on common questions bloggers ask and wonder about so for all bloggers they are worth the read and worth getting involved in the discussion.

Cain S Latrani reviews Your Name and looks at the details that made the movie work for them. It is a great read and if you are one of the three people in the world who haven’t seen the film yet it might convince you to give it a go. My own thoughts on the movie can be found here.

The Spooky Red Head hit on one of my very favourite anime when they decided to list 12 reasons why Sailor Moon is amazing regarding sexuality and gender. I definitely had to appreciate this list and given I was in the midst of drafting a feature on one of the Sailor Scouts when I came across it, it reminded me just how amazing the rest of the cast are so now I’m going to have to write another Sailor Moon themed feature in the future. Or I could just get around to finally writing a reviews of the original anime series. Whichever way, this is a great list to check out. They followed this up later in the week with 11 facts about Sebastian from Black Butler. Seriously, all my favourite anime in one place this week.

Welcome to Hell Zone has a really great post title on a great post: “The Sweets & Sours of Citrus’s Portrayal of Girls in Love“. That’s such a great post title and really does sum up what the post is about while it got me pretty interested. I wish I could come up with titles like that. However, back on point, it was a great post about Citrus and the relationships and portrayals of romance therein. Well worth checking out. And in case that one isn’t to your fancy, they came out with Great Opening, Meh Show where they looked at times the opening song was better than the anime. It’s a great list and some great songs to remember.

Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews asks his readers to think about How To Keep a Mummy and how easily it could be switched into a different genre. Its a fairly fun line of thought with some interesting possibilities.

For those who like their anime food to look so delicious it makes them hungry, Anime Harbor shares some great gifs with some truly delectable looking anime food. I wouldn’t recommend checking this one out if you are hungry.

Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime asks if there is such a thing as a light magical girl show and in this era of labelling everything dark and subversive you have to consider this question carefully. When were magical girl shows ever all puppy and rainbows because I do recall even the American dub of season one Sailor Moon didn’t manage to filter out all the adult themes with brainwashing, betrayal, and death all featuring fairly prominently in the story line.

Nefarious Reviews kind of tears Assassination Classroom apart in a fairly blunt and scathing review of the series (they really didn’t like it). It is an interesting perspective on an anime that usually gets a fairly good write up. I really loved watching the series and had quite a different experience watching it (review here). Still, like with all good reviews, it gives reasons why they don’t like it and what didn’t work for them (also a recommendation of a great movie your could watch instead).

Marth’s Anime Blog shares some blogging advice on being specific. This kind of post is great for all of us to read as it makes us reflect on our blogging and writing and might just offer some well timed advice. Well worth checking out and sharing.

Standing on My Neck takes a look at Netflix original anime (and original anything) before getting to a fairly detailed look at why B: The Beginning isn’t about to be the Netflix anime original that changes your opinion of the combination of Netflix and anime. Having endured watching B: The Beginning and reviewing it recently (here) and having to resort to comparing it to shows that did similar things but better because it was very hard to put into words how I felt about B (I didn’t like it but couldn’t really put my finger on why other than it wasn’t very good), I really appreciated this review as it has some fairly concrete reasons for why it isn’t all that good. If you missed it, I really recommend checking out this post.

Pick of the Week

Bloom Reviews touches on one of my favourite anime this season but also takes a fairly in-depth look at the reality of bullying in Japan when they turned their attention to March Comes in Like a Lion and how it discusses Japan’s wider bullying problem. This post is full of information about the reality of Japan’s bullying crisis but looks closely at how responses, motives, and victims have all be examined by the anime. Hinata’s arc was incredibly powerful and moved me to tears multiple times and this post just reinforced how important these sorts of stories are.

My Stuff

My week has been a bit interesting in the real world but in terms of blog posts I covered the Top 5 Anime Characters Who Love Their Darling to Death and my feature this week discussed reasons Why Rukia Kuchiki Should Have Died in Bleach (and while some people might disagree they are welcome to share why). Inquiring minds looked at Blog Growth this week and remember if you have a question you would like me to answer (about anything) be sure to follow the link in the post and leave me a question (and your name and blog address if you’d like to be linked back to).

For anime series reviews I covered Our Love Has Always Been 10 Centimetres Apart and Inuyashiki. This week also saw me review The Seven Princes of the Thousand Year Labyrinth manga volume 1.

If you are interested in my episode reviews of in listening to my thoughts on the anime episodes last week they are all linked in on my Winter 2018 Week 10 post and this week I also released my second monthly patron podcast where I discuss mecha anime I have watched and what I’ve liked and not been so fond of (that one is password protected, though if you want to know the topics covered or more about being a patron try here).

That was my week in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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  1. Thanks so much for the mention! Now I gotta read all of these other features I missed…you always have such a good weekly roundup!

  2. You always go all out on these. Thank you so much for the mentions. And great job mentioning Standing on My Neck. I’ve been enjoying the blog and I think it deserves way more attention than it gets.

    1. It’s always an interesting read even when I don’t necessarily agree with the view given there’s always explanation as to why.

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