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Right, so a forced rest day from work on Friday kind of summed up my week health-wise and as a direct result real life work is not going so great at the moment. That said, I did get a three day weekend, so shouldn’t complain too much about that in the end. It also meant I had a chance to put out my call for contributions toward to the anniversary week in May which I was supposed to have out by the end of February and hadn’t gotten around to.

However, enough about me and onto some of the great posts I found this week as I travelled around the blogiverse. As always, if you want to give a post a shout out, feel free to do so in the comments below. Try to keep vaguely related to anime, manga, light novels, books, games, TV or movies.


Auri put together the first post of the new version of Jon’s Creator’s Showcase (there’s quite a story behind this at this point but Auri nicely sums up the main points at the start of this post). The super short version is there are cool links to great posts from January so go check them out and thank Jon and Raistlin for keeping the showcase alive and Auri for hosting.

Power Up Or Die had an interesting post on anime streaming services (I’m guessing from an American perspective). Anyway, they compare the major players and what they offer and how they work as well as pricing so if you are interested in what services you can access these days it is worth a read. I looked at this from an Australian point of view a while back and my post is here.

Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers gives their mid-season thoughts on Kokkoku and why you should be watching it. While I don’t entirely agree with their thoughts on the show, there’s a lot of love for the anime and if you wanted a reason to watch it you will certainly find it in this post.

The Animanga Spellbook has a post about whether you should have to quantify whether you are an anime fan. This is a response to a post to Lina’s post (Tiny Ugly Animal). I hadn’t seen the meme that started this conversation prior to Lina’s post when I responded in the comments but I’m finding the whole idea of quantifying a hobby very strange, and it seems like a lot of the community agree. Anyway, it has been an interesting discussion and both posts were interesting reads.

Arria Cross has a post about how people respond when someone tells them Anime Fans Are Weird. It covers a large array of responses and is written in Arria’s usual amusing, not sure if this is serious or a joke tone, and it is something I think most of us blogging about anime can definitely relate to in some way (and the sheer number of comments certainly agrees with that). Well worth the read.

Let’s Talk Anime shares their thoughts on the first 6 episodes of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens. It isn’t an indepth review as it is merely impressions halfway through the season, but for those who are considering whether to watch it or not, it gives some of the fun reasons to give it a go.

Little Anime Blog with Elizabeth takes a bit of a look at Black Butler, specifically some of the appeals and themes of the show as constructed through the characters. It is a reasonably quick read but a very worthwhile one to those who enjoyed Black Butler or for those who have considered watching it but haven’t quite taken the plunge.

Talking About Crunchyroll Awards?

Kawaii Paper Pandas had a bit of a rant about the Crunchyroll Awards. Admittedly, this year has seen far less flames and fury directed at the awards and yet there are still some issues in the format and the nomination process. That said, it isn’t as though other awards shows are any better.

However, to balance that out Plebby’s Den has a recap of the awards but also notes some of the changes made for the better after last year’s attempt. Clearly there are some disputes in the community about how the Crunchyroll Awards have played out so be sure to leave your thoughts on this in the comments below.

Following on, Anime Corps has a more balanced positive and negative take on the Crunchyroll awards and the changes that have been made from last year and what changes they would still like to see in their editorial last week. I particularly like the idea of the fans voting on a nominee for the category prior to voting so that those shows that are completely overlooked by the judges at least get on the ticket.

And branching off from the Crunchyroll Awards, Standing on My Neck takes another look at Made in Abyss as the anime of the year winner. This post is a pretty long one but well worth the read.

Pick of the Week

Love and Justice (a blog I came across but wasn’t following – fixed that now) had a really interesting post about Full Metal Alchemist and how Winry’s Heroism helped inspire Ed to choose Humanity over Alchemy. I hadn’t really given a lot of thought to the catalyst behind Ed’s change in attitude from early in Full Metal Alchemist to the end where he makes his choice, but this was such a great post that clearly spells out the transition using great examples from the manga. Well worth a read.

My Stuff

It has been a pretty busy week on the blog with final preparations for Irina and my collaboration posts as well as finally getting together the call for contributions. That said, the usual posts were all present and accounted for including my seasonal episode reviews which you can find the recap of here (including a practice at putting together audio content for those who would like to give me some feedback).

My feature article this week look at my connection with March Comes in Like a Lion and why I find the show so special. I really am proud of how that post turned out in the end even though it is still a little bit a ramble. And inquiring minds asked me what I’d like to learn or do that I haven’t done. For my top 5, I counted down my top 5 favourite anime females with green hair, expect the male list to come out Tuesday this week.

Then we get to series reviews where I covered Girls’ Last Tour and Anime Gataris. This week I also covered the third novel in the Rising of the Shield Hero series and I managed to squeeze in the Full Metal Alchemist live action movie from Netflix.

That was my week in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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7 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. Thanks for featuring my post. It seems that issue of quantifying one’s fandom is actually a lot deeper than I thought it would be on the surface, so it’s interesting to see what people say about the topic.

    I was going to do another thing on the Crunchyroll Awards (this time more specifically about SGRS and its overall lack of awards in Japanese and Western anime communities). The resulting post ended up sounding like a tirade against Yuri!!! on Ice though (which, knowing the internet, should be old news already), which is why it’ll probably never see the light of day…

    1. I was thinking about writing about the Crunchyroll awards but I felt that a lot of what I wanted to say was already covered. Plus, I wasn’t really invested in the awards this time. I voted in the first round, found it quite annoying to do so, and never went back as they opened categories so having not even voted for most categories, didn’t really mind who won or not.

  2. Always nice to see bloggers spreading the love here, especially as a newbie. I’ve had an entire shipload of homework this past week so I haven’t had much time to read blogs, this’ll be a big help lol. Keep up the good work!

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