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If I’m honest, it is more likely that this week I missed it. Things are a little crazy with life at the moment (in a good way crazy and committments I willingly made though in hindsight may need to consider the work load a bit more next time). That said, here’s a selection of blog posts I encountered this week. As always, you are welcome to add your own suggestions and links in the comments (preferrably anime, manga or gaming related).

Bannet’s Blog had a nice list of anime for Halloween helpfully separated into titles for gore and non-gore fans. If you are thinking about watching something for Halloween you should check out this post.

Kapodaco on Criticism and Thoughts revisits Hanasaku Iroha and looks at the series with fresh eyes. Interesting to see how time and rewatching can change a viewing experience.

Brave New Moe has a nice review of Battery. As it is an anime I haven’t watched and have no intention of watching it was an interesting read and if you were looking for a review it might be worth checking out. I’ve read a few other reviews of this show and there are some really diverse opinions on it so feel free to add a link to other reviews in the comments below.

The Daily Life of a Voltron Fan discusses how Yuri on Ice has helped reignite their interest in anime when they were starting to feel a bit bored and disappointed with it. I kind of related because some seasons I really struggle to find a new show that actually grabs me (not a sequel or a continuation but an actual new show). So when something comes along that you fall in love with it is worth holding onto.

Snow★sthetics on Strictly Ridiculous has a nice reivew of Alderamin on the Sky. I like how they explain thier impressions and how they changed throughout viewing the series.

Over on Kopitiam Bot they look at the argument about what anime is as raised through the relase of music video Shelter. Having watched Shelter (thoughts being posted in a few weeks) I’m really not sure what all the fuss is about but this is a great post to read.

And Elisabeth over on Little Anime Blog also touched on Shelter and the ‘not an anime’ argument. For 6 minutes of run time Shelter has certainly got people talking this week.

Another post about Shelter comes from the Anime Harvest and they ask Why Does Everyone Love Shelter?

From Lethargic Ramblings we have their first impressions of March Comes in Like a Lion. I think they summed up better than I could why this anime has made an awesome start and even those of us who usually aren’t on board for slice of life have been kind of sucked in. If you are still on the fence about watching this you should check out this post.

Finally, Lita Kino looks at the difficulties in choosing a favourite anime in response to a post by Scott on Mechanical Anime Reviews about why he doesn’t have a favourite. I’m pretty sure most people would have come across one or the other of these posts but if you didn’t you should definitely check them out.

That’s it from me this week but as a heads up things aren’t going to settle down for another week or so. While I’m trying to not let that interfere with the blog if I seem to disappear for a day or two I probably just ran out of energy and will return just as soon as I’ve caught up on sleep.

10 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. Cheers ever so much for the feature, and yeah, you can say that again. But all great creations divide opinion, so in that sense Shelter has definitely excelled.

  2. Once again, thank you so much for the mention! I’m glad you found my post insightful.

    And once again, well done to everyone else on making some incredible and super interesting posts.

    Always good to get the weekly round up of interesting reads.

    1. It was a great read and made me realise again why I struggle to actually answer which anime is my favourite. If pushed, it would always be D Gray Man but from any objective stand point it probably isn’t the best anime I’ve watched.

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