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And we are already in February and this week we have Valentine’s Day coming up so I’m guessing next week my round up post will be full of love themed posts. I’m kind of looking forward to seeing what comes out this year. However, right now I’m supposed to be looking back on last week and it was a pretty busy week again. Below are links to some really great posts I read from other bloggers and then a quick recap of what came out on my blog. As always, feel free to give a shout out to someone in the comments below and share a link to an anime related blog post.


Takuto’s Anime Cafe has a very positive review of Netflix’s Devilman and why it is a modern tragedy worth watching. If you caught my review you’ll know I wasn’t so thrilled about the show, but this review provides some solid reasoning and explanation behind why the show might work for you and is certainly worth the read if you are still considering whether to watch or not.

Standing on my Neck has a fairly critical but fair review of Land of the Lustrous. I was a big fan of this show while it was airing but I can’t exactly disagree with most of the criticisms in this review. While I liked what the show presented more, there are some ongoing issues and the lack of resolution to the story that just seems to have started by the end of season 1, is probably a reasonable concern.

Tiny Ugly Animal has a review of Natsuyuki Rendezvous that looks at it being a story about love rather than a love story. And I just realised that even though I own this one on DVD I’ve never reviewed it and I really should correct that sooner rather than later. In the meantime, this is a great review and one worth checking out.

Anime Girls NYC brings on the old big 3 and the new big 3 and asks what the readers think. Plenty of lively discussion around these titles so if you want to see what people thought or want to weigh in on the discussion, be sure to catch the post.

Cain S Latrani has a great review of ACCA that they have kept remarkably spoiler free (which is a hard feat given ACCA is one of those anime hard to talk about without giving things away). So, if you haven’t watched ACCA yet and you want to know more about what you are in for if you try it, this is a great review to catch.

Kapodaco on The Visualist’s Veranda shared their thoughts on Fairy Tail and why they dropped it quite a while ago at twelve episodes in. Though, if you follow their blog you probably could have guessed why, it is still an interesting reflection piece on why shounen anime just don’t work for everyone.

Reasons to Anime gives us 5 Reasons To Watch Erased. You probably don’t need 5 reasons given you really should just go check it out. Despite its flaws, it is a really enjoyable watch (and I already kind of gushed in my review), but I enjoyed this post as it reminded me of some of the show’s stronger elements. Having just watched the live action version of this I’ve been tempted to rewatch the anime and this post may have given me a bit more incentive to do so.

KurumiShim has 5 Inspiring Lessons From My Hero Academia to share in this post that brings us some great advice about being a hero from the show. If you’ve been missing My Hero Academia this is a great post to check out.

For another dose of Yuri on Ice, because who doesn’t want one of those, Tommy Phillips has done a review of it focusing mostly on the sports aspect of it though he brought in an interesting comparison with Hetalia. Anyway, well worth the read and Yuri on ice continues to be the anime that makes me smile every single time I come across anything related to it. My review can be found here.

Pick of the Week

There Goes My Kokoro has an interesting post about Darling in The Franxx and why viewers might want to not let the basic sex-symbolism be the basis of a snap judgement about the show. And there have certainly been a lot of people who have commented on the use of fan-service in the show. So, if you would like to check out an intriguing take on a show that has generated a lot of discussion, this post is one to check out in case you missed it.

My Stuff

Reminder about the big news from the end of January. I released an ebook of my reviews from 2017. If you missed it you can check out the post here or there is a direct link to the book just below.

Outside of that, this week I continued to review the Winter season anime and links to all of my episode reviews are in the weekly overview post.

The last top 5 list counting down 2017 shows came out and I finished with visually interesting anime from the year. This week I have a flower themed post planned in recognition of Valentine’s Day so be sure to look out for it. The feature this week looked at the idea of wasted premises. And inquiring minds want to know looks straight at sports anime this week. If you missed them, be sure to check out these posts.

Lastly, this week I reviewed UQ Holder and King’s Game, I also caught up on the Natsume Yuujinchou Roku OVA’s. And I reviewed the third Death March to the Parallel World light novel.

That was my week in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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  1. It might be silly but my heart skips a beat when I see my name in one of your posts. It’s something special to be recognized by the one I look up to so very much. 😊 (ugh, this sounds so stupidly cheezy. Well, I just wanted to say it, cheezy or not.)

  2. That VEPPer screenshot’s from the Valentine’s Day episode, so…am I the only one who got the Boueibu jokes, I wonder?

    I have something planned for Valentine’s Day which /isn’t/ love themed, so maybe you could cover it for a breath of fresh air…? Please look forward to it – it’ll be all up on the 16th, since it’s a 3 post series.

      1. Haha…I really don’t blame you at all 😊😊 Thanks so much, glad you have been enjoying it so far. Tomorrow Starship Troopers should be up, and I also hope to do both Alien and Aliens later this month 😊😊

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