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And we’re back for another week. The winter anime season is rolling along, I’m back at work, and it is all business as usual. There’s just over two weeks left before we reach the end of the count down so those who have been curious don’t have much longer to wait.

As always, I’ve read some great blog posts over the last week and have collected some of them here. Clearly there are plenty of posts I have read that don’t make the list and there are plenty of posts I miss so please feel free to add a link to an anime related blog post in the comments below. Hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying the winter season so far.


Little Anime Blog brings us a fantastic post about Devilman Crybaby giving some perspective and context for the story. I will admit, I haven’t finished watching it yet and I wasn’t sure I was going to but reading this made me very much want to finish the story. A very good read and a different kind of post on an anime that has been talked about a lot.

Continuing on with Devilman Crybaby, Thoughts That Move also discusses the anime and Made in Abyss looking at how the two shows have differing approaches to using brutality within the narrative. Another thought provoking post and worth the read.

Lina from Anime, Manga and Life (sorry, name changed to Tiny, Ugly Animal) has taken on the 30 Day Challenge and their response to day 3, favourite male character, was fantastic to read (and brings attention to a very cool anime in the process). Great read.

The writers over on The Glorio Blog shared their first impressions of Citrus. Four writers, four different impressions. If you want to get an idea of what it is like, this post is well worth checking out.

Little Anime Blog looks at a classic with Afro Samurai. This is another one of those shows that has forever been on my watch list but I still haven’t gotten to it so this was a nice reminder that this exists.

Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers shares a review of Anime-Gataris. They clearly got a bit more enjoyment out of the season’s ending than I did, but the show was odd and I think most people will have to really watch it to get a feel for it and whether they like it or not. Anyway, this review may give you a bit more of an idea of what you are in for if you start it.

Kapodaco gives us some food for thought in a post called “Sex Should Be More Prominent in Anime“. This is actually a really well thought out article looking at the use of sex in stories or its absence and some of the reasons for its absence (not looking at ecchi). Definitely thought provoking and worth the read if you missed it.

Medieval Otaku shares their line up of shows from the Autumn season (2017) and their ratings, and more importantly their thoughts on each of the shows they watched. While there have been lots of these sorts of posts they are always a fun way to look back on the previous season and to consider shows that were either missed or dropped, as well as get a different view on shows you watched.

Atma and Funomena have an analysis of the first episode of Violet Evergarden that I found an interesting read. As I haven’t been able to watch the episode I have no personal opinion on the anime but I’ve enjoyed reading what others thought of this much anticipated release and I particularly found posts like this one to be an interesting read as they didn’t really require me to have watched the episode to appreciate the point of the post.

Remy Fool shared a guide for writing about seasonal anime with the caveat that they struggle writing about seasonal anime. They look at different approaches and types of content and it is a nice guide for someone thinking about starting to cover seasonal anime but not sure where to start.

Jon Spencer Reviews has his thoughts on The Ancient Magus Bride and why it was his favourite anime from 2017 even though it isn’t finished yet. Despite some gushing praise, he does also address the main criticism people have had of the show in regards to its pacing. A good read and it might convince you to pick up the show if you hadn’t last season.

Pick of the Week

Hinode Reviews gives us some incredible detail in their post “Species spotlight on Houseki no Kuni: Gems“. The gems were fascinating while watching the anime but seeing all these small details that were revealed or implied during the run time in one place really made me think how incredible they were as characters and how much there is still to learn about the gems and the world they inhabit. It is a post well worth reading if you’ve watched the show and if you don’t mind some spoilers it may just be the thing to get you interested in watching the show if you haven’t. A great read and one I fully recommend.

My Stuff

My episode reviews aren’t being linked here so if you missed those be sure to check out the most recent season overview that links to everything I’ve been following this season.

However, this week I tackled the top 5 shows that disappointed me the most in 2017. Much like the surprisingly good list from the week before, these aren’t the worst shows, but they are the ones I expected more from than I got.

On that note, the poll for best anime of the season closed and the results as well as my best and worst anime of the year were announced on Friday so if you missed that post be sure to check it out.

For reviews I took on Netflix’s live action Erased and then a lesser known anime called Maoyu Maou Yuusha. I also hit the final volume of Tale of the Waning Moon manga (not suitable for younger readers) and wrote up my final thoughts on the story there.

And, if you are super bored you can check out my Facebook page where I am very slowly creating an album of photographs I have taken in my visits to Japan, adding one a day when I remember. This gives me an excuse to go back through the thousands of photos and find the actual decent ones and do something with them rather than just using them as a screen saver (and the thousands is not an exaggeration – digital cameras have a lot to answer for).

That was my week in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

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13 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. Hmm, for some reason my iPad doesn’t seem to want to like this post, but trust me when I say I loved it! Thanks for featuring a couple of my posts, but it’s always seeing stuff that’s slipped me by that I appreciate and there’s plenty to read. I don’t have nearly as much time to read other people’s work and so round ups such as these are vital. Thanks 😊

  2. As always great overview of the week. So far, now that I have decided on which animes to watch for this season, the shows I have decided to go for are pretty cool 😀

      1. Haha….well…I think I will visit our friend Asta again somewhere later this week. But no I have decided to go with: Darling in the FranXX, Junji Ito Collection, Violet Evergarden and Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens. I’m still debating whether or not to add a fifth show…but I don’t think I would be able to keep up. Especially not considering all the other stuff that I also want to keep up with lol 😂😂

        1. Other than Violet Evergarden, which I don’t have access to, I’m watching the other shows. Looking forward to hearing what you think as the season goes on.

          1. Looking forward to that as well. They are pretty diverse shows too, which I like. And so far they are pretty cool. Can’t tell much how they will progress, but it’s off to a pretty good start at least 😀

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