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After a short break for Christmas, In Case You Missed It is back. For new followers, this post just highlights some posts that I have read usually over the previous week and invites readers to share any anime related post that they would like to give a shout out to in the comments.

The list is a little longer than usual but there’s been some great content recently. I’ve also added a short section at the bottom where I will link to my posts for the week (not the episode posts as these are already linked in the weekly overview, but my Top 5, feature, and any full reviews I’ve done). I hope everyone had a great holiday season and as we all start getting back into work (or school or whatever) I hope that the winter season brings us all great anime to enjoy. And as always, feel free to give a shout out to a post you liked in the comments below.

A reminder to vote in the reader’s poll for best anime of 2017 and that results of my favourite shows of the year and the reader’s poll will be out on Friday.


The Moyatorium shared their first impressions of A Place Further Than The Universe (as did many other wonderful bloggers). A well organised post that covers a range of criteria when looking at he first episode, this was an interesting read after watching episode 1.

Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers discusses the ending of Just Because, specifically pointing out that an ending that didn’t meet expectations didn’t take away from what the show had already done. Clearly there are spoilers in the post given it is discussing how the show ends, but definitely one to give a go to.

Wherever I Look also has a review of Just Because with links to their episodic thoughts. Like all of Amari’s posts this one is highly organised and it is easy to see what they liked and didn’t like about the show and why.

Marth’s Anime Blog takes a look at his favourite theme songs from the fall season. Whether you like the shows or not, you have to admit, the Autumn 2017 season gave us some great music. However, they also took a second look at the Virtue Point System which came up in one episode during Kino’s Journey. The post is probably more thought provoking than the episode was and it kind of gave me something to think about after reading it.

Tim Rattray on Thoughts That Move discussed how Spirited Away reminded him of his love anime. It’s a fairly personal post but is something I think a lot of anime fans will relate to.

The Xenodude gives a fairly mixed review of Anime Gataris which given the mixed nature of the show seems fair. If you didn’t check it out while it was airing, check out this review to get an idea of what you have in store for you.

KimchiSama discusses how the plot organisation ruined Juni Taisen. This show has definitely got people talking, mostly about all the ways it went wrong (when not trying to convince people it is a deliberate satire). I enjoyed this post because it had a clear argument to make and didn’t get distracted by looking at other issues.

Though as a counter-point Curiously Dead Cat looks at what makes a good story using Juni Taisen and some of the criticisms around it as their example. There’s been quite a few great posts around this anime both criticising and praising the anime so clearly this one divided its audience, but when it generates so many interesting conversations that really isn’t an issue.

Kapodaco on the Visualist’s Veranda looks back at the top 10 worst anime they viewed in 2017 (not to be confused with the worst anime of 2017). It is an interesting list, but as usual it is the reasoning for the placement of titles on the list that intrigues and offers some insight into what the show may be able to offer even if it is more to your liking than not.

Nefarious Reviews has shared their thoughts on Humanity Has Declined. This one is such a weird series and everyone who watches it is going to end up with a slightly different take on what happened and whetehr it was good or not. I kind of enjoyed the series though found it wore thin after awhile but I have really enjoyed reading the thoughts of others about this off beat series.

Irina over at I drink and Watch Anime discusses post titles and their struggle with coming up with good ones (I feel that pain). So while not strictly an anime post, this one is certainly a useful post for all of us who are faced with un-titled posts and no inspiration.

News by Joel Garcia looks at why a live action Sailor Moon adaptation would be a bad idea (though I’m pretty sure most of us realise why a lot of what works in Sailor Moon as an anime wouldn’t work in live action form). Still, it brings up the question yet again of why so many shows are getting adaptations and whether any of them are needed at all or whether we should just let classic shows be classics.

There Goes My Kokoro discusses My Hero Academia’s Shounen Problems. It’s a fairly rational look at some of the narrative pitfalls the show (and many other long running shounen shows) step into.

Pick of the Week

Arthifis’ Place has a review of Library Wars which is an anime I’ve never seen and I’m not sure I want to after reading this but I certainly had fun reading the post. Great fun to be had and it might introduce you to an anime you hadn’t considered. However, another post by Arthifis that is definitely worth checking out is their post on Yuri on Ice from a performer’s perspective. So, not another Yuri on Ice review but a look at how Yuri on Ice deals with the pressure of performance. Very nicely written and quite a personal post as well. If you missed it, be sure to catch it.

My Stuff

Last week started with the Worst and Best of Autumn based on my picks and the reader’s poll. Immediately after these I opened the poll for best anime of the year with results to be announced on Friday so be sure to vote if you haven’t, keeping in mind only the top 3 shows as voted by readers after each season have been included on the poll.

I then started with my first top 5 of 2017 posts with Top 5 Surprisingly Good Shows. This week I’ll cover disappointments though I’ll be keeping up 2017 top 5 lists until the first week in February so there’s a few to go yet.

Also, last week I reached my 200th anime series review and what better anime to review than Noragami Aragoto. This was followed up by Baccano on Saturday. And outside of anime reviews, my light novel review of Rising of the Shield Hero book 2 came out on Thursday.

Finally, my feature for the week looked at Duo’s in Anime inspired by the recent adorable duo in Girls’ Last Tour.

That was my week in case you missed it.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. It is already a honor to be featured in your weekly recaps… But to be the pick of the week? That I wasn’t expecting in a million years! Thank you so much really! 😀 I’m beyond happy to be in the same place as all these awesome bloggers! XD

    1. No problem.
      I thought the poll winner was decided but in the last day there have been a couple of shows making a real challenge to the leader so I guess we’ll all found out in a couple more days which show has won.

    1. Took a break from these over Christmas because I don’t record things properly while travelling, but generally these come out every week.

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