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Welcome to another fun week for ani-blogging. I can’t believe how far along this season we already are and how close we are to the end of the year. I’ve been caught up in stuff and the fact that time is passing kind of passed me by. However, here we are. As usual, I’ve found some really fun posts from other bloggers to share and as always feel free to give a shout out to an anime related blog post in the comments below (almost no one does this, but please feel free to share a link – share the love).


I Drink and Watch Anime has a thought provoking post on The Question of Semantics. It is an interesting post to read about the language bloggers use and questioning whether it even matters in the long run as everyone has their own style. Well worth the read and the consideration. Of course, Irina also had their first blogwarming party which I reblogged on Saturday. If you missed this post, you should definitely check it out and show your support to some newer bloggers. Also, if you are a newer blogger, think about submitting a post for next month.

Shout out to The Spooky Red Head because I haven’t come across a fun Yuri on Ice post in awhile and may have had a small amount of withdrawal which they cured by providing us with 7 of the Cutest Yuri on Ice Comics. Okay, the post is pretty self-explanatory, but if you are after a Yuri on Ice fix, this is the one to check out this week.

Atelier Emily examines dreams in Girls’ Last Tour and how they express the limitations of the girls’ experiences and contemplate their existence. It is an interesting post and highlights another part of what makes the show such an experience to watch. Be sure to give it a read.

Miandro’s Side has an interesting character piece on Slain from Aldnoah Zero. I’m not a big fan of his character or the way he develops throughout the series, but this post is an interesting look at the motives behind those developments and is great to read. Worth checking out.

Humbleace takes a loot at the sincerity of heroes in My Hero Acadmia. This is something I found really interesting when the show was airing as it continually asks us to question what a hero is and who actually is a hero in a show about heroes. Nice read if you are looking for another My Hero Academia fix.

Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers looks at the mid-season point of Dies Irae and whether it has been worth sticking with the show that long or not. I liked that this post is addressing some of the real issues with the show but is a little less reactionary and ranty than some posts about the series (okay, I’ve been getting pretty hostile toward this show lately) so if you want a fairly calm look at the show even as it points out the problems, this is probably a good post to check out.

Pick of the Week

Rodrovich’s Anime Blog has a fantastic post on March Comes in Like a Lion season 2 episode 6 where he looks at how bullying is being presented in the anime and the visuals and sounds that accompany each moment. I loved reading this post the day after watching the episode as it brought back all of the feelings of watching the episode and made me think through it all again. Check it out.

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout and sharing another roundup of great blog posts. I don’t know whether my post is worthy of being the pick of that week, though- lol.

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