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Another week passes and another great week of reading some very cool blogs. As always, I’ve shared some links to posts that caught my eye this week, but you are welcome to give a shout out to an anime related blog post in the comments below. Hope you find something fun to read.


Lethargic Ramblings shared a great post about sticking to the source material. I kind of touched on this issue in my response to the fall out over the Netflix Death Note adaptation when I wrote a feature about not messing with the source material but it was interesting to see another blogger take a look at this issue. Definitely a post worth checking out.

Galvanic has a catch up review of Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond that I quite enjoyed reading. I kind of liked season one of this but alas can’t currently watch the second season so I’ve been enjoying finding out how other people have taken to it. Eventually I’ll have to find a way to watch it but in the meantime I’ll continue to amuse myself with reading posts like this one. The first season was far from perfect but a lot of fun, and it seems like season two hasn’t exactly overcome some of the issues, but again, I haven’t actually seen the show.

Seasonal Prattle has a great list worth reading for all content creators where they outline 7 Bad Habits of Successful Ani-Creatives. The title more or less speaks for itself but each point is illustrated with either an example of a thought provoking question to really make creators reflect. Definitely worth checking out.

The Only Shinyuu Site shared their thoughts on Kimi Ni Todoke. I really love that anime and reading this reminding me of all the reasons why. If you haven’t yet seen the anime, this might convince you it is worth you time. My review is here, but you should definitely check out the post.

Zero Drama Anime has an analysis of Made in Abyss. I’m almost finished watching the series now having missed it when it was airing, so I really enjoyed finding this post as it made me think about what I was watching a little bit more than I might have been.

Ramblings n’ Scribbles posted their first impressions of Land of the Lustrous and does an excellent job of looking at the visuals and scenes. If you are still on the fence about checking out the show you should check out this post. Only discussed episode 1 and some stuff from the manga.

The Xenodude has a write up on episode 6 of Just Because. It looks at the pacing of the show and the characters and their choices and generally just does a great job of explaining what is great about watching the show as well as looks to where these characters are going. There are some spoilers in here if you haven’t started the show but is a great post to read.

Pick of the Week

Cain S Latrani has a fantastic write up on Noragami Aragoto. If you’ve never seen the first season of Noragami (you really should) most of this won’t make sense, and if you are worried about spoilers possibly avoid, however for people who have watched it or people who are curious and unconcerned about spoilers, this post will fire you up and make you want to watch or rewatch the show right now. And all this reminded me I’ve never reviewed either the first or second season of this show so I really should rewatch and get to that ASAP. Fantastic read.

Thanks for reading.

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