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There are certain aspects of reality that sometimes I feel I could really do without.

However, another fun week in the viewing and reviewing of anime world and there have been some really excellent posts around recently to read. Below are a collection of posts that caught my eye over the last week and as always feel free to add a link in the comments below if you want to give a shout out to a post I’ve missed. This week is very light on, and that is probably because in addition to being incredibly buy with work I also got sick which meant even when I found a great post I regularly forgot to save the link.


Okay this one isn’t new, but for those who missed it Irina over at I Drink and Watch Anime is working to promote new aniblogs to try to welcome new bloggers into the community. So if your blog is less than 2 months old and has less than 50 followers, check out the link and contact Irina.

Jake Coker has a list of the top 5 servants in anime. When you see number one there won’t be much doubt as to why I liked this list, but the whole list is pretty great with some good explanations as to why characters have ended up on it.

The Only Shinyuu Site shares their thoughts on Black Clover episodes 4 + 5. It is fairly rare to find someone genuinely enjoying the show and not just making fun of Asta so this review kind of stood out to me and reminded me that I actually am liking the show more each week even if it isn’t brilliant at this point. A good reminder that one or two elements don’t spoil the entir story.

Also on Black Clover, Fueled By Smiling has a post on Asta and his Voice and discusses the why of Asta’s voice. I’m going to admit, I still hate Asta’s voice and wish I could put him on mute and just read the subs, but episode 5 actually had him speak a few times without shrieking and I very nearly forgot just how annoying his yell could be (then he started shouting again and I remembered). Still, this post puts forward a good case for the motive behind that voice.

Keiko’s Anime Blog has a review of Sakurada Reset. There aren’t many reviews of this whole series around given how many people stopped watching it and most people who finished it seem to have much the same view. My own thoughts on the series are here.  Still, if you are undecided about whether to give it a go check out this review.

Pick of the Week

Remy Fool has a great post this week on the obsession with originality looking at the usual complaints people make about series being generic or ripoffs. The post looks at some of the criticisms of Anime-Gataris and then reasons why the audience might not be taking it as intended before moving onto other genres that routinely get criticised for shows being copies of one another. It was a great read and well worth checking out.

Thanks for reading.

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