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Another incredibly tough week in the real world but a great week watching anime – other than the issues I’ve been having with playing videos on Crunchyroll. Also some interesting posts from bloggers and as usual I’ve collected some of my favourites below. If you want to give a shout out to a post, please feel free to leave a link in the comments.


If you haven’t tried it yet Kapodaco has a great write up of the first three episodes of Girls’ Last Tour that really nails why you should check it out (assuming you have access). I must admit, I’ve been continually surprised by how compelling they manage to make a story about two girls driving around on a tank and this post really highlights why it has worked so far.

Mr Flawfinder asks do anime fans care whether an anime has long lasting appeal which they follow with an interesting discussion about seasonal viewing and how discussion dies quickly and there are very few anime that regularly get discussed after the fact, though merchandise and cosplay are slghtly longer lasting. It is an interesting point and one to think about. Small warning about the language in the final paragraph of the post (it isn’t that bad but warning anyway) but this is a great post to read.

Anime Girls NYC asks us which character we’d like to give their own series to. They suggest a couple of characters they’d like to see get their own spin-off or prequel series before opening the question to the readers and some of the suggestions are pretty interesting. So head on over and leave a comment with your own suggestion of a character who deserves their own series.

Moe Sucks has a fairly blunt review of episode three of Land of the Lustrous. While many people, including myself, have really enjoyed it so far, this review points out some of the issues with the characterisation so far and why it might be less than thrilling for some viewers. They do reveal the end of the episode so if you haven’t seen it, maybe hold off on reading this one, but it is a great post for a different perspective on the show.

Literary Stardust discusses Clever Protagonists using examples from My Hero Academia. Just in case you needed another reason to jump on board with My Hero Academia this is a great post that looks into one aspect of the characters of the show that does feel a bit different. The characters here aren’t just wishing for more power, they are actively learning to use their powers in more effective and diverse ways. It is a very interesting read.

Merlin’s Musings has a review of Shiki that I found thoroughly enjoyable to read as it reminded me how much I enjoy that series. There are some spoilers in the review but it does an excellent job of selling the show.

Anime and Fandom Life share their thoughts on a character they adore, Youko Nakiajima. They do an excellent job explaining why they like this character so much and it was just a joy to read because you could really feel the enthusiasm.

Just a Whole Lot Of Weird looks at the meaning of Deku’s name in My Hero Academia. It is an interesting post looking at how Midoriya has evolved as a character and how the once derisive nickname became a name he chose. For those feeling the absence of My Hero Academia now that the second season has ended, check out the post.

From Lethargic Ramblings a post about why they love the isekai genre.Β  The title pretty much says it all so be sure to check out this post if you missed it.

Moe Sucks shares their thoughts on Just Because episode 4 and does an excellent job deconstructing the characters and their motives in the final part of the episode. Clearly spoilers abound for people who have not watched the episode, but it is an excellent post to check out and read if you are watching the anime.

Pick of the Week

I reblogged this post earlier in the week, but for those who missed it Irina over at I Drink and Watch Anime is working to promote new aniblogs to try to welcome new bloggers into the community and just make the whole starting blogging a little less scary. Every month Irina is hoping to promote a new ani-blogger through their Blogwarming Party and I think it is a great idea. Please spread the word or if you come across a new blog that would benefit from a little extra attention, direct them Irina’s way.

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8 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. So many questions!

    – I care about long lasting appeal. Certain shows from Cowboy Bebop to Anohana to Dragon Ball Z to Oh My Goddess do have certain levels of rewatchablility. They can be mainstream or obscure as long as they’re good stories in their respective genres…. And now I’ve checked out the post mentioned and I’m dying because it both mentions Cowboy Bebop as well as The Ancient Magus’ Bride which I’m doing a review of now lol. I’ll have to comment on there soon.

    – I like two of the characters they mention as deserving their own show. Haven’t seen the others yet though, or at least not to where they come in. L absolutely deserved his own show, but with the recent Americanized Netflix version I doubt it could be done right nowadays. The series missed it’s opportunity I think.

    – Ah darn my attention span is weak….

  2. Hmm, sorry to hear that you have been having such a tough week. Hopefully this will be a better week for you. I really loved Irina’s idea as well, hopefully new bloggers will notice it as well πŸ˜€
    Take care, and have a good week 😊

  3. As always, I appreciate the mention when it happens and the sharing of everyone else’s excellent content.

    Irina’s idea in particular is something I too find will be very beneficial to new bloggers trying to find their audience!

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