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I may have over-reached last week and found myself in the position of actually not having a post even draft for the following morning. Work travel was kind of expected though went a bit longer than anticipated and then my laptop died so while I could still kind of read stuff on my phone, drafting and scheduling posts was not going to happen. Then some other things came up with work (and seriously stressed me out). All and all, I was a little more rushed than I usually like to find myself which led me to the interesting notion that I could just not post three times a day. Somehow that felt like giving up, though so I dismissed that thought, for now.

Anyway, the posts did go out even if I’m not entirely happy with some of them, and life continues. Here are a collection of posts other bloggers put out last week that caught my eye (though it is a little short this week). As always feel free to add a link to an interesting post in the comments below.


Cain S Latrani has a great write up of One Punch Man. If you missed the hype around this show or just haven’t got around to watching it, this may very well be the post that convinces you to give it a go.

Merlin’s Musings has an interesting write up of Soul Eater (just in time for Halloween). Okay, I love Soul Eater, as the giant poster on my wall and the handmade Soul Eater scythe lying around my study kind of scream, so I loved coming across this review. It does address some of the flaws in the series, and more bizarre narrative choices, but overall highlights the fun of the series. Great read.

Shokamoka’s Blog of Wonders has a nice episode write up of Anime-Gataris that identifies a lot of the references that were thrown around during episode 2 (in care you missed them). It also looks at where this places the show’s timeline and the role of the characters. Great read for those enjoying the show and for those thinking about checking it out.

The Xenodude shared an interesting write up on the third episode of Food Wars Season 3. I decided against going back for a third season of this show (not that I disliked the first two, I was just kind of done) but I am enjoying following the reviews of people who picked the show back up.

Matt in the Hat gives us a review of My Hero Academia (spoiler free) so those who are still on the fence about watching the super fun and exciting super hero story (I am not biased) should check out this review and then check out the show.

Mistakes Cheerio for Chesto has a rant about Games and Cheating in anime. It is a good discussion that provides some good examples from No Game No Life and Kaiji to illustrate their point. If you missed it, this is a fun read.

Round3Anime discusses anime deconstructions in a post called We Can Build it Better. While reasonably short, the post makes a clear point and gets the audience thinking so it works very well without a lot of extraneous elements. A great post to check out.

Pick of the Week

Kapodaco over on The Visualist’s Veranda shared a really fascinating post called The Objectively Subjective Objective which I kind of think all reviewers should have a read through. Mostly because even if you end up disagreeing with the conclusions drawn, it will make you think about how you view and review what is an artisitc medium. Any post that can trigger self-reflection is one worth reading and this one is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already come across it.

Thanks for reading.

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