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This week continues to be a great week for catching everyone’s initially impressions of the new season, final impressions of the Summer season, and just a great week for talking anime. As usual, below are links to some of my favourite posts that I found during the week but please feel free to give a shout out to any other related posts in the comments below. I had some travel come up so I wasn’t quite as diligent about keeping track of links this week so sorry about the short list.


Remy Fool had an excellent post this week asking reviewers to stop overusing the word ‘dark’ to describe anime series. The post goes on to make an excellent point about a reliance on buzz words or familiar terms rather than going beyond and explaining how and why a show might be dark. Great post to check out.

Standing on my Neck has a review of the No Game No Life movie where they raise the interesting point that the movie does a lot of telling and not showing and that the games that made the series so much fun are missing. That kind of makes me wonder what the point of the movie is but as I can’t see it at the moment I guess I’ll just have to wait. Still, this review is a nice contrast to all the this-is-amazing posts I’ve read about it that don’t give many details as to why.

First impressions of The Ancient Magus’ Bride were fairly prolific as you might expect. The Only Shinyuu Site gave a glowing review of episode 1 that was closely followed by Lita Kino Anime Corner. Where-ever I Look also put out their mostly positive first impression of the series. And, of course, Weekend Otaku and I shared our thoughts on the episode in a collaborative post over on Weekend Otaku’s blog. If you missed it, be sure to check it out. However for something different on The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Atelier Emily looks at the language of flowers as used in this first episode. Seriously, it is going to be seriously fun this season following this show just because I know I’ll always have plenty to look forward to reading after.

Mechanical Anime Reviews has an episode review of Kino’s Journey episode 1. This is something a bit different as they don’t normally take on episodic reviewing and it was fantastic to see how they responded to this episode.

Round3Anime has an interesting piece discussing the problem with anime villains. They use some great examples from Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist and even Erased to make their point. A nice opinion piece worth checking out.

Pick of the Week

Cain S Latrani has an excellent post about Gakko Gurashi (School-Live) and how the odd mix of cute girls and zombie horror come together to make something truly memorable. Having watched that earlier this year after D started it and posted their first thoughts, I have to agree. The show is definitely something special even if it isn’t perfect. This write up is not spoiler free so if you want to go in blind maybe skip, but if you just want to reminisce about a great story with great direction than this is post worth checking out.


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