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Welcome to the first week of the Autumn Anime season and the last season for the year. Wow, it has been a busy 2017 but hopefully we will end with a bang. Looking forward to what everyone ends up picking up for this season as well as final thoughts on the season that was. In the meantime, here are some posts that caught my eye this week.

Just a reminder that polling for the best and worst anime of the Summer 2017 season is on so if you’d like to vote, jump on over. The polls close today so this is the last chance to vote.


Biblionyan has an excellent post on Elegant Yokai Apartment Life fairly appropriately titled Zero to WTF in Half a Season. Given last week was the point where I finally had enough and dropped it as well (after being crushed by the fact that it wasn’t just ending), I really appreciated this post.

Lethargic Ramblings shares a listless list of their top shows from the Summer season. If you aren’t a seasonal viewers and are wondering what is worth picking up from the season, posts like this might get you started and Lethargic is always entertaining to read. There’s also a worst shows post but I forgot to copy the link. Sorry.

HCMovieReviews has a write up on the Netflix Death Note movie. This one is a pretty even review pointing out both positives nad negatives before delivering a final score. Well worth checking out if you want to avoid some of the more rant-like reviews of this and get an overall idea of what you would be getting if you watched the movie. Mind you, the score is a 4/10 so definitely some issues identified.

Peach’s Almanac has a look at world building and Made in Abyss. It is a nicely detailed look at the world building of the anime and it kind of just made me actually want to see the anime more. A great read if you are looking for a post on Made in Abyss that isn’t a review.

Remy Fool has a great review of Princess Principal to check out now that it is finished. If you didn’t watch the show this season, this is a good read to help you decide whether you should give it a go (though, I’d probably say you should give Princess Principal a try regardless).

Earth Dimension CJ-93 has a list of 5 anime they think would make a better Hollywood adaptation than Your Name. It is an interesting idea, thinking about which shows could easily be adapted without losing the cultural elements that some shows are built on. Plus, I really liked some of the choices because I actually think they would make a really good movie.

Atelier Emily has a a really informative and sweet post about the use of flowers in Card Captor Sakura‘s recent most recent OVA. This sort of analysis is really great and can definitely add something to your overall viewing experience so really worth checking out.

Arria Cross on Fujinsei has her round up of posts from the 13th Blog Carnival. This is a great way to find some new blogs and connect with other bloggers so if you’ve never checked out one of Arria’s carnivals, be sure to check in with the round up from the last one and look for when the next one will start.

Zero Drama Anime analyses what is meant by the term ‘hero’ in My Hero Academia and the transition from ideal to career. Also some great references to The Incredibles thrown in. This is a great piece to read if you’ve been following My Hero Academia.

Pick of the Week

Kyra Desu Yo has their 65th Oname Wa post and this time it is Bakugou Katsuki. Now if you have never read one of these posts they’ve very helpful linked to all their previous posts here (the link is also included in Bakugou’s post). Basically, if you are interested in the characters, their names, or in learning anything about kanji, these posts are a real delight to read. Entertaining and educational. Very hard combination to beat.

Thanks for reading.

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