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The end of an anime season. You would think things would calm down at the end of a season but instead we see ani-bloggers struggling to complete final episodes of shows they may have wished they’d dropped and then writing up final thoughts and lists of favourites for the season before they plunge head first into the next season and start it all again. Still, this is the good kind of busy as there is plenty to talk about. Below are some of my favourite posts from the week that was. As always feel free to leave a link in the comments below.

Just a reminder that polling for the best and worst anime of the Summer 2017 season is on so if you’d like to vote, jump on over. The polls will close on the 2 of October.


Humble Ace has a write up on their thoughts on Flip Flappers. While there was a lot being said about that anime when it was airing, since then it has gone a bit quiet so it was interesting to read something a bit distanced from the reviews when it first finished.

Dominic Sceski on The Golden Lands has a post about how as bloggers we all want to sell our brand but maybe no-one wants to buy. It is a nice reflective post and one that I enjoyed reading this week.

For gamers, D Pad Joy takes us through some of the announce changes for Assassins Creed Origins and I have to agree, it looks interesting. Of course the downside of changes is eventually the game won’t feel like Assassins Creed, but you can always replay the old games if that’s what you’re after.

Jon Spencer Reviews has his review of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash as part of his Anime ABC’s. Clearly not a fan of Grimgar even after this rewatch, this is still a great review to check out as it isn’t a rant against the show for its slow pace but rather a look at some of the show’s weaknesses which is something those of us who love the show kind of avoid doing.

MNEMOSYNE has a review of the Netflix Death Note movie. They didn’t like it and recommend the original, but their write up is pretty interesting to read and includes a range of quotes from the characters to illustrate various points. Worth checking it out if you are still on the fence about whether to try the movie.

Anime Feminist had an interesting post about gender in Made in Abyss which I found interesting. I don’t really have anything to add to the discussion given I can’t watch the show, but for those watching it, this is certainly a different kind of post on the show.

GrimmGirl shares five blogging traps to avoid. Well worth the read for those running a blog with some very sensible advice.

Pick of the Week

I Drink and Watch Anime has a great article on 5 Ways in Which Anime is More Feminist Than it Gets Credit For. This was a really fun read and does get you thinking about all the good things anime does (as well as the not so great ones) for female characters. Well worth the read.

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13 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

    1. It is always great when people share advice, tips or thoughts. A lot of us start blogging with no real clue what we are doing so it is really great when people who have some experience share some ideas.

  1. Thank you so much for including me and your kind words (you too Jon). Also for letting me know about all about the awesome posts I may have missed. This isn’t just tit for tat but the only one’s I’ve read already were Ace’s and Jon’s and both were indeed great!

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