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Finally a slightly less chaotic week in the real world (though still not a fun one) though I am super busy catching up on writing some posts, checking out everyone else’s posts, and trying to prepare for the new anime season, as well as plan some Halloween themed posts for October. Still, there have been some great blog posts out there and so I’ve gathered some of the ones that caught my eye below. As usual, feel free to add a link or give a shout out to any other excellent anime related posts for the week.

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The Heresy Archive has quite an interesting write up on The Magnificence of SNAFU. Now, I don’t actually agree with the entire post, but they make some really interesting points and get quite in depth about some of the characters and character relationships (definitely some spoilers for those who haven’t watched it). Still, an interesting post and one well worth reading to gain another perspective on the show.

I Drink and Watch Anime has a great article this week about why they watch bad anime. This is a nice way of explaining the appeal of shows that objectively aren’t very good but still have entertainment value (and not just the ones that are so bad they are unintentionally funny). Great read.

Humble Ace has a nice write up about Snow With with the Red Hair and its endless positivity. I’m a sucker for this anime and I love reading about the viewing experiences of others so this was a fantastic post to read and brought a smile to my face. Check it out.

The Alfredo Blog is doing the pick five anime challenge and this post are 5 voice actors. I really enjoyed reading their choices and why and it was great seeing the face behind some of the voices. Fun post to read.

Cain S Latrani gives us a less than positive review of Trinity Blood and it makes for quite an interesting read. They aren’t just tearing it apart but this probably won’t be the post that makes you want to watch the show.

All About Anime has a review of Soul Eater. It’s nice how enthused they are about the characters and the fun of the story even though the story itself is a little bit twisted if you stop and think about it for even a moment. Then again, Soul Eater is one of my all time favourites and to be honest, I love it when I find posts about it.

From Mr Flawfinder we have the very bluntly titled post “Anime Review: Sagrada Reset – Don’t Watch This“.  While I actually ended up quite enjoying Sagrada Reset it is difficult to argue against the fact that a lot of people dropped it and dropped it early on for a reason (even those of us who ended up enjoying it will all admit it took a long time to get to a point). Anyway, as my own review of this will be out in a few weeks and looks at the more positive attributes of the show, I figured it was only fair to share a review that probably has the more common opinion of the show. Light language warning though on the post. Still, Marthuarion from Marth’s Anime Blog has a review of the final episode title Surprisingly Interesting. This contrasting viewpoints of those who made it to the end are certainly interesting and I’m looking forward to more posts on this series, though to be honest I don’t think a whole lot of people finished it.

Seasonal Prattle continues their trend of providing insight and helpful advice about blogging looking this week at whether we should fear hitting publish (or more why we shouldn’t). I’m going to be honest, I genuinely love these posts as it gives me some reflection time on what I am doing each week and why I do it and I regularly think about how I can improve what I am doing. An incredibly helpful blog and one worth checking out if you aren’t already following it.

Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers has an interesting post about Hollywoodifying Anime. The post primarily focusses on Ghost in the Shell and Death Note and takes a fairly level view of the situation. An interesting read.

Pick of the Week

D Talks Anime made my week, and probably quite a few other people’s weeks, by posting a fantastic post celebrating their favourite Yuri on Ice moments. This is amazing not just because it reminds you of all those excellent moments in Yuri on Ice and makes you want to watch it again, but D’s explanations about why the scene worked for them is fantastic to read. If you haven’t had your Yuri on Ice fix in awhile or if you just want to get more Yuri on Ice, this is the post to check out.

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Karandi James.


7 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. “I’m going to be honest, I genuinely love these posts as it gives me some reflection time on what I am doing each week and why I do it and I regularly think about how I can improve what I am doing.”

    I’m happy to hear that you enjoy these kinds of posts!

    Now please excuse me as I continue to creep around your blog to catch up 🙂

  2. I’m glad I could make you week ( and glad to hear that your life’s been calming down a bit, here’s hoping it gets even better.)

    Thank you for the shout out and the great list of posts!

  3. Checked out the Snow White and Yuri On Ice posts. Thanks for linking them, they were great reads! Also, I’m STILL looking forward to watching Sagarada Reset despite all the flack it got. Something like that won’t stop me, and the fact that you enjoyed it has got to mean something, right?

    1. I did nearly drop it midway because it was kind of boring me senseless mid-season. I’m actually looking forward to waiting a few months and seeing if binging it fixes the pacing issue. If we can get to the point faster it would be a far more satisfying viewing experience because the ending did bring everything together really well.

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