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As we approach the end of the Summer season, it is great to see that a lot of people are enjoying the last of these shows even as they start looking toward the Autumn anime season where we will start all over again. As usual, I have found some really great posts this week and I’ve shared some of my favourite below. Feel free to add a link or give a shout out to any other excellent anime related posts for the week.


I Drink and Watch Anime has an article where they look into the history of what a yokai actually is and where the word came from. Given most people who watch anime come across this word and have a general understanding of its meaning, it is kind of nice to learn more about it and this post was highly informative.

Mechanical Anime Reviews gave us a nice review of Your Lie in April. This one isn’t just pure gush about how beautiful it is but manages to balance many of the positives with the negatives so a bit different from a lot of the review out there. It also manages to raise some questions about abuse in the process so an interesting read even for people who have watched the anime.

Weeaboo LaLaLand has a post which is fairly aptly titled Death Note wasn’t the worst Adaptation I’ve Seen. While there is still plenty of criticism in the post for the movie, this post also looks at some of the positives that can be found. A fairly enjoyable read really.

The Backloggers have a review of Princess Principal episode 8. This is a nice piece that looks specifically at the characters and how the reveal in the episode can make the audience think about them and why. Basically if you’ve been enjoying the show this is a fun review to check out.

Cain S Latrani shares An Alchemist’s Rage, which reflects on Roy Mustang’s anger and his revenge for the death of Maes Hughes. This is a short post but for alchemist fans is a scene well worth remembering.

A Winter’s Reverie has a fairly positive review of Saga of Tanya the Evil. While this one didn’t do much for me and I couldn’t really get into it, Tanya received quite a bit of praise while it was airing as well. For those still deciding whether to give it a go, this review might give you the push you need.

Anime Corps has an editorial on anime this week looking at it being foreign and unusual. This post goes through the usual stereotypes people pin on anime and looks at why they aren’t necessarily true. Anyway, worth checking out if you missed it.

Carl Li on Apartment 507 has a post about Why It’s Easy to Love Deku from My Hero Academia. For those of us already watching the show, this is a fun reminiscence about what makes Midoriya such a great character. For people who haven’t checked out My Hero Academia yet, maybe this will sell you on the central character.

Pick of the Week

Shokamoka’s Blog of Wonders gave us an excellent post focussed on Gamers, I am a Gamer and Therefore I Watch Gamers. It is a somewhat lengthy post but it focusses on all the things that Gamers has done well including its representation of gamer culture (which is something some people will dispute but really, the majority of people playing games are not pro-level number ones, they play for fun). Definitely worth reading.

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