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Over the last week, it has been really fun checking out the posts and episode reviews as we have started closing in on the final third of the summer season. There’s also been some great features and editorials. Below are some of my favourite posts that I found this week but as always feel free to leave a link to a post you think deserves a shout out. The list is a little light this week, mostly because I’ve been under a bit of real world stress so haven’t been as diligent in recording all of the great posts I’ve read.


JeremyTeg has a post about Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and how it uses theme from the beginning. It was great to read a post about Fullmetal Alchemist that wasn’t just telling me how awesome it was but rather looked at what made it a rewarding viewing experience. Well worth the read.

Kawaii Paper Pandas had a post last week about the allure of anime villains. I didn’t catch this post when it came out but was directed to it by someone else’s weekly round up of posts they enjoyed (thanks). Glad I had the chance to read this post as it was really interesting.

Mechanical Anime Reviews discusses their issues with Binge Watching. This is an interesting issue that comes up from time to time about how more people binge watching is changing television and it is certainly something that is becoming an increasing discussion point.

The Game of Nerds looks at the use of colour in The Defenders (so not an anime post but still an awesome read). I’m really looking forward to having the time to check this series out so reading this post just got me more excited about it.

Zero Drama Anime has a post on True Emotion in Anime and looks at anime that have made them feel an emotional response. It will definitely get you thinking about all those anime you have had an emotionally connection with and maybe start you thinking about why.

Truly Trash Media has a review of Alice & Zoroku. This is a show I dropped at episode 6 because to be honest episode 5 felt like a final enough to me and episode 6 didn’t interest me at all. However, this review looks at the show as a whole and the good stuff to be found in it, so if you are curious about the show, this is worth checking out.

Humble Ace has a really interesting discussion post about the interesting nature of the Quirks in My Hero Academia. It raises some questions and just gets you thinking all over again about how the world would actually function if people suddenly had super powers. If, like me, you can’t get enough of this show, this is a post to check out.

Never Argue with a Fish has a great review of KADO for you to check out if you are still curious about that show. I find it interesting that the further we get away from when it aired, the more level the reviews seem to be. Less blind anger toward the end and more looking at the overall picture of the series.

Pick of the Week

Keiko’s Anime Blog had a great post about whether Stain’s Ideology Fits in a world Where Being a Hero is A Job. Having just been considering the role of hero and villain and the ideologies present in the world of My Hero Academia for my own post on the subject, I’ve been really fascinated by how different people have taken their interpretation or discussions about what is happening in the show or what the implications are. Anyway, if you want a really great post about My Hero Academia and the rules that govern the world and its ideals, check out Keiko’s. You can also check out a review of season 2, episode 20.

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