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Another week down and I have another list of awesome blog posts written by some great bloggers to share. As always feel free to add a link to an anime related blog you think needs some attention in the comments below.


D Talks Anime shares their favourite scenes from Shiki. This post is fantastic because D doesn’t ust list the scenes, they dissect them and why they work so well within the narrative and stand out in a show full of creepy encounters and horrific moments. Well worth checking out if you’ve watched Shiki or if you haven’t but are considering it (just be aware of spoilers).

Bran New Day Anime has a great write up of episode 31 of My Hero Academia. If you haven’t yet checked out the episode or even if you did but just want to reminisce, this is worth checking out.

Gabriel Galindez shares their 5 best anime theme songs from the 90’s. It’s a bit of a nostalgia trip and has some great themes mentioned so if you’ve got the time, go have a listen and a read.

Atelier Emily has an interesting post coming to the defense of the creatures in Made In Abyss. It’s a show I can’t watch at the moment but I’m enjoying many of the discussions around it and this post really caught my eye this week with its focus on design and details.

Wherever I Look has an excellent write up on episode 5 of Princess Principal. They recount an event and then provide their commentary and thoughts and this format makes for an enjoyable read and reflection on the episode. If you haven’t checked out this blog before, they do some excellent episode discussions so hop over and give it a read.

Keiko’s Anime Blog has a review of The Royal Tutor so if you missed it last season and are considering a watch, this is a great read. I recently reviewed this series as well, and I’ve enjoyed reading the different posts out there about it and Keiko’s post is a nice overview with their thoughts on the show.

Wretched and Divine shares their top 10 anime openings. If you like lists and you like anime openings, this is probably a great post for you so if you missed it, go check it out and reminisce about all those awesome songs.

Another top 10 anime opening list came from Let’s Talk Anime.  Going to admit, I loved this list because there were so many opening songs I genuinely loved on it.

I Drink and Watch Anime has a review of Witchcraft Works. As I am in the midst of writing my own review I found it rather odd that I finally found someone else who had even watched the show let alone reviewed it, and I really enjoyed reading their thoughts about it.

Lita Kino from Anime Corner has some great advice for bloggers who are a bit stuck on their topic and also links to somefantastic articles by other bloggers who are sharing their tips and ideas for getting out of a slump. This is definitely a post for every blogger to check out.

Pick of the Week

The Lily Garden has an excellent post about Kakeguri and how it fails to engage the viewer. This is not a rant or a ramble but a really well constructed argument that does draw on the work and observations of other bloggers as well as their own insight into the series and their experience watching it. All written in an easy to follow and engaging manner. In others words, truly excellent post and if you didn’t get a chance to read it you should definitely check it out.

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