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First week back into work and things have gotten hectic, but I am still making time for watching anime and finding some great posts to read. Below I’m sharing some of my favourites from the week. As always feel free to leave a link in the comments below to a post you feel deserves some extra attention.

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Jon Spencer Reviews has an incredibly helpful post about the VRV service Crunchyroll has been promoting. Having given it a go they’ve listed the good and the bad as well as their overall experience with the service. If you are considering trying it definitely a post to check out.

I Drink and Watch Anime has a great review of Pandora Hearts. I really loved that anime, but it has its issues and this post kind of highlights the excellent and the bad and does it in an amusing way. Plus, the proposed drinking game for viewing could be kind of fun…

Mechanical Anime Reviews has a great post about heroes and their motivations. Be sure to check it out if you missed it last week as it covers quite a range of heroes and looks at their overall goals.

Humble Ace has an interesting post about the best ending to an anime. Keep in mind there are some heavy spoilers for the shows talked about (they are discussing the ends) but given how many anime end poorly it was an interesting read.

From Silver Screen Write Up we have a review of the Ghost in the Shell movie. If you are still considering whether to watch it or not, this is a nicely written review that highlights both the positives and weaknesses of the film and is worth checking out.

On Animehound there’s a post by Phoenix about Otonashi from Angel Beats. As I loved this anime and I really liked Otonashi’s character, I enjoyed this post that looks at the different types of strengths and positive qualities Otonashi possessed throughout the series.

Reverie of a Star had an interesting post about WorldEnd and the romantic aspects of the story. Its interesting because while most posts have reviewed it stirctly as a fantasy that happens to have an odd romance in it, this post looks at the story as a romance first and foremost. Worth checking out if you haven’t had your fill of WorldEnd yet.

Zero Drama Anime has a short write up about episode 3 of 18if that points out some of the things the show is doing right. From what I’ve read, this show seems to have been a bit of a hit and miss for some viewers but I’ve quite enjoyed it so far. If you were thinking about checking out the show, maybe check out this post.

Aldael’s Attic shares their thoughts on Aoi Bangaku. I’d completely forgotten about this one (and I hadn’t finished it because I got distracted) so the reminder that this exists and that I should probably go and finish it at some point, was greatly appreciated. It isn’t exactly a well discussed anime.

Mel in Anime Land shares their top 10 males with grey or silver hair. It’s an awesome list of characters with some great reasons so be sure to check it out.

Pick of the Week

Otaku Lounge has a highly entertaining (and informative) post about Hand Shakers and a discussion about whether it is really as bad as people have been saying. Their discussion about the visuals alone is worth checking out but this is a great post to read.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I am late to this party…I also want to talk you. You have such a great blog and I’m really flattered to be mentioned on it at all. Keep up the good work!

    1. No problem, I’ve enjoyed reading some of your posts and hopefully will get to check out more of them. If you want you can contact me via the contact link or DM me on Twitter.

    1. It was unfortunate that I just wasn’t getting to read enough posts while I was away to put these lists together. Glad to be back and glad these are back.

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