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Sadly this is my last In Case You Missed it Post until I return in July. However I will then resume these posts with a few minor changes as I really do enjoy sharing these great posts with people. In saying that, just a reminder that from the end of June until July 22 I won’t be reviewing currently airing anime but the blog will still have daily content and I’ll still be around online (mostly – there’s a few sections of my travels where I won’t have internet).

Also, just a reminder that I am currently running a poll for the best and worst shows of the Spring 2017 season. If you haven’t voted, please have your say, the more the merrier. Best anime is going to be a pretty close finish by the looks but the worst show seems fairly decided at this point. Still, the poll isn’t closing until the 9th of July so please let your friends know and let’s see what ends up on top.

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This one is a great read from A Piece of Anime where he looks at Re:Creators and Why Stories Matter. I loved reading this post so much even though I’m not able to watch this anime, because it touches on the basic reason why stories exist and while one post isn’t enough to do this topic justice, this was a great read for the week.

Marthaurion from Marth’s Anime Blog opens a discussion around Kado’s Sansa. If you haven’t watched Kado yet (please do), this post is relatively spoiler free in terms of plot as it just poses some questions around one of the devices unveiled throughout the series. If you are watching Kado its a great post to check out as it will get you thinking even more about the sansa in case you hadn’t already done enough of that.

D&A  Anime Blog has a list of their top 10 villainous female characters from anime. There’s quite a range of choices on the list so be sure to check it out if you missed it.

Kapodaco over on Criticism and Thoughts is working their way through their Summer of Anime list and have a review of Overlord. It’s a bit different from the usual gushing reviews you get of this show so worth checking out.

Here’s a contentious post from The Spiral of Madness explaining why Your Lie In April Sucks. They do point out it is just their opinion at the end but they do a fairly thorough job of tearing it apart. Probably not one to check out if you are an avid fan of the show but given I’ve linked to some very positive reviews of the show previously, I felt that showing the other point of view was probably fair and while I’ll put a very minor language warning on this link, the reasoning for not liking the show is actually well explained.

Galvanic had a post about split personalities in anime. I did not realise how many characters there were with this condition but this is a fun list looking at a range of characters who have a split personality and it just makes you realise how many more there are out there. Quite a fun read.

Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews has a post about Re:Creators where he asks how meta can one anime get? As this is a show I’m not able to follow this season, I’ve been reading the reviews and various discussions with interest and it is posts like this one that make me super interested in getting to watch this anime one day.

Standing on my Neck has a great post about the Difficulties of Compromise in Communication from A Silent Voice – definitely spoilers in the post if you haven’t already read seven thousand posts about it or seen it. Anyway, this is a great post that really looks at some of the heavy subject matter that the film raises. Worth checking out.

Over on Anime Corps there’s a discussion about Continuous Prolonging and Inevitable Disinterest. There’s a lot about the sequel on Attack on Titan, but mostly this post focusses on fans and are general lack of ability to wait for something over many years as we move on (yes, we get distracted by the shiny pretty). It does note that there are exceptions to this and some shows that seem to stick around well past the usual point of disinterest. Anyway, it is an interesting post so if you missed it go have a read.

You want someone that pays attention to details? Check out Remy Fool’s post about Evolving Credits. They use School Live as their example and I will put a spoiler warning on it because some of the opening credits later in the season reveal points that aren’t known earlier in the season. Still, this is a great post.

Finally, I’m sharing this post from Keiko’s Anime Blog mostly to share the frustration with Sagrada Reset Episode 11. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one this week wondering whether there actually was a point to what I was watching.

And that’s all from me.

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for mentioning the Split Personalities in anime 🙂 I’m going to check pretty much all the other links mention here.

    1. Thank you. I’m still around this week but next weekened I’ll start kind of disappearing and then I’ll be out of touch for about 4 days (no internet). After that should be on and off depending on where I’m staying on my travels.

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