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Another fun week blogging although I will admit it has been harder to regularly properly read blogs and leaving comments has been a bit of a problem while travelling given the age of my phone and how lacking in functionality it is these days. As a result, I probably didn’t get to as many blogs as I would like and I know I read some great posts that I just never got around to recording the location of.

Please feel free to leave links to any posts you found (or wrote) this week that are interesting and anime related (manga/gaming/or similar).

Cauthan reviews is continuing a series of posts recommending shows within specific genres. I’m linking to their post on drama because of the wide selection of shows within this genre that are on the list. Well worth checking out as well as some of the other genre posts.

Dominic Cuthbert on Little Anime Blog is calling for anibloggers to share their all time favourite anime. If you are interested and you missed this post go read the details.

RoccoB from In the Cubbyhole reached his half-way point with the 30 day anime challenge and looked at the anime he thought had the best animation. Given this is something I don’t pay a lot of attention to (other than pretty or not pretty) I liked his choice and explanation.

Alright, Lita’s done it again and posted a great post with some anime collecting tips. While a lot of it is common sense for any purchase, it is something that sometimes fans forget to think about in the hurry to get the next ‘must have’ item. There’s also some great thoughts left by others in the comments so if you didn’t catch this post and you are collecting anime you really should hop of over.

Cosplay Puzzle has an interesting post on how to make your eyes look more anime. I’d never really thought about how hard it would be to make your eyes appear bigger before but it turns out it takes a lot of work. Even though I’m not big on cosplay (I just don’t put in enough effort), I really appreciate the looks other people manage to achieve so I found this post a fun read.

Believe in Geek did a nice review of episode 11 of Cheer Boys. I really enjoyed reading this as it actually helped me clarify how I was feeling about this episode given the show seemed very focussed on wrapping everything up prior to the final episode. If you’ve been following the show it may be worth reading before next week.

Matt on the USF Matt Blog has been counting down his top 7 Bleach episodes and I just loved his selection for number 4. If you are a Bleach fan and are just wanting to enjoy remembering some of the series better moments this group of posts have been a great read.

Brigitte on Beari-Chan’s Anime Blog posted a list of 5 Most Common Names in Anime. Which then of course got me thinking about all the anime characters who share the same name. Then that made me wonder how many characters share the same name in movies and now I want to remove the name John from Hollywood’s dictionary. Anyway, it was an interesting topic for a post.

D Talks Anime has a fairly critical review of Hataraku Maou Sama! (The Devil is a Part-Timer). He raises some good points about some of the problems with the series that I kind of glossed over in my own review because I kind of loved the show.

So those are the posts I managed to read and link to this week, though I know there were some other excellent reads this week.

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