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Okay, this week has been… kind of like a roller coaster I guess, though I don’t much like that analogy because it implies that there are safety devices attached and to be honest it kind of felt like I was in free fall for a lot of this week. Mostly the issue is I know I’m having a break from work soon and I have a lot of prep to do before I go to ensure that when I come back I don’t get buried in an avalanche of catch up. Still, the anime this week were good and the blog posts that I’m finding continue to be highly entertaining so below I’ve shared some links to some posts that caught my eye. Feel free to give a shout out to a post you think needs some love in the comments.

Just a reminder that from the end of June until July 22 I won’t be reviewing currently airing anime but the blog will still have daily content and I’ll still be around online (though not with any consistency so it may take me a couple of days to respond to comments).

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Raistlin0903 has given his review of Yuri on Ice. I was curious as to how Raistlin would view this series given it didn’t seem their usual thing and they were unlikely to suffer from fan girl syndrome so it was great to see their final thought thoughts of the series. If you haven’t had your weekly dose of Yuri on Ice, here’s a great post to check out.

Lethargic Ramblings has a post kind of about a Silent Voice but more about how watching A Silent Voice made them realise their taste in anime had changed. Whichever, it is a post that will get you thinking about your own tastes and preconceived notions about anime and what you are watching compared to what you used to watch, so well worth the read.

Following on from last week when I had a plethora of My Hero Academia posts to share, this week I came across Kyra Desu Yo which did a post about the meaning of Todoroki Shouto’s name. I love this series of posts and they’ve covered so many great characters and its always quite informative. If you haven’t checked out this blog well worth looking into.

And then, because while we’re on a roll with the My Hero Academia posts, here’s one from Ruminated Scrawlings about the corrupted hero system. It’s a nice read and gets you thinking about the setting of the show and the world building rather than specific characters and events.

Reading Between has an interesting post about Eren Jaeger and his underappreciated character development. I’m going to be honest and point out my issues with Eren are more his baseline personality rather than a lack of development, but it means that I don’t pay much attention to him so haven’t really cared whether he has been developing or not as a character. This post was kind of interesting moment of reflection as to how Eren has developed in 1 and a half seasons of the show. I still don’t like Eren but lacking development is probably not a criticism I’m going to level at him any time soon particularly after reading this and thinking it through. If you missed this one, check it out.

From Otaku Lounge we have Watson Watches Sailor Moon. This is an interview style post of Watson’s thoughts after watching six episodes of Sailor Moon and it is interesting to see their view on it. Though if you aren’t interested in Sailor Moon try their discussion about Mirage of Blaze. Doesn’t matter if you ever watched (or tried to watch) that anime or not, this discussion is hilarious.

Not an anime post, but Plot and Theme has a great discussion about the Heroism of Wonder Woman. I haven’t seen the film yet but posts like this are making sure this one stays on my list for when it comes out on DVD. I’ve been a little disenchanted with super hero movies for awhile now but every now and then one comes out worth taking note of and if the blogging community is anything to go by, Wonder Woman is probably worth the time.

Kurumi Shim gives us 10 Romance Anime that aren’t normally recommended by fans but you might love anyway. It’s a long title but fairly clear what the post is about. We have ten romance recommendations that you probably haven’t seen on everyone else’s list previously so if you were looking for something less obvious to watch you’ll probably find a couple of interesting romance titles on this list. Very helpful post.

A Piece of Anime discusses Your Name and Fullmetal Alchemist and looks at plot holes and when they matter and when they don’t (at least to them). It’s an interesting post though it will get you thinking about all those times you’ve just had to accept something in an anime that really didn’t make any sense.

Finally here’s a review of ACCA from Never Argue With A Fish. This is a great review though I’ll admit I’m very biased. Mostly I just want more people to watch ACCA because I think it is awesome. Anyway, if you missed this post and you are still deciding about whether to watch ACCA you should check this out.

And that’s all from me.

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  1. I’m kinda obsessed with Eren so I’ll definitely have to read that post. And yeah, Lethargic Rambling’s piece was quite a nice change of pace for him. A bit introspective, awesome. Thanks for sharing this week.

  2. Thank you so much for the pingback, really appreciate it! 😊 Hope everything is going to go well with your work. Don’t worry to much, I’m sure it will all work out fine in the end. Please take good care 😀

    1. Hopefully it will but htings are really going crazy as I try to wrap stuff up before going on break. Thank goodness for anime when I am home. I definitely need the de-stress.

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