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Hey all. It’s June and I am now getting super excited because at the end of this month I am doing some travel (some personal, some family and some work all just kind of following one another). Originally it was going to be two weeks but pretty much, looking at my schedule, I’m not going to be reviewing seasonal anime from pretty much the end of June through to July 22nd. The blog is still going to have daily content though some of my weekly posts (like this one) will also take a break. Still, I’m working really hard to schedule some great posts and I will be checking in on the blog and replying to comments and I should (for most of the various trips) have sufficient internet access to visit everyone’s blogs so I won’t just be vanishing. I’m also going to run my responses to the 30 Day Anime Challenge while I’m away given I’ve put off that challenge more than long enough and it is a good chance to do it.

Outside of that, this week is business as usual and as always I found some really great posts out there. Below are links to some of the great posts I came across but as always feel free to add a link in the comments below to a post you feel needs some attention. I will admit, My Hero Academia kind of took out a lot of the posts this week because episode 22 (or season 2 episode 9 depending on how you are counting), kind of blew everyone away and some of the posts that have been written about it are fantastic.

Shameless self-promotion: As you all know I started a patreon site for my blog and am looking for patrons to support the expansion of 100 Word Anime. After I get back from this bit of scheduled travel in July, my plan is to finish a video post by September that I’m not completely ashamed of and to put it up on the Patreon site for feedback so that I can continue to work towards maybe producing video content for the blog. I’ve been playing with a few things at the moment but nothing that will be finished before I go on this trip and to be honest, if I’m going to move to content in addition to written posts, I kind of want it to not suck. End shameless self-promotion.


Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews has a nice discussion about SukaSuka or World End or whatever you want to call it. Pretty much mixed feelings being experienced while watching it which I totally get given it seems like I love every second episode and then am kind of indifferent to the next one. It’s a strange viewing experience.

Something a bit fun from KurumiShim, 8 Handsome Anime Characters You Obsessed With Over 15 Years Ago. This was a great list and some of these characters were a real blast from the past. Worth checking out for a smile.

Not an anime post but a movie review from CSRadical on Colossal. I hadn’t heard of this movie but reading this I kind of want to check it out, though I’m not really expecting to enjoy it. Anyway, I really liked this post so if you are curious about the movie, check it out.

Keiko’s Anime Blog has a great write up about My Hero Academia episode 9, just in case my gushing entry last week wasn’t enough. It was really great reading posts about this episode last week given how much impact the episode had on me.

Following on from that Schizoidmouse Squeaks also has a post on My Hero Academia that focusses on that episode (though also looks at the lead up to it). It was another post that was very enjoyable to read after watching the episode.

And a slightly different take on the episode, Remy Fool looks at the inclusion of discriminatory notions in My Hero Academia and other anime. This post picks up on those comments by the crowd during the duel as well as issues of bullying in the series. Definitely a great read.

Continuing the My Hero Academia love is Anime & Anime who looks at the idea of heroic attitude.Β  I love how many different posts came out of this one episode and the different takes people took on it even while pretty much everyone agrees, it was an awesome episode. Anyway, this post is one to most definitely check out.

Alright, one more post on My Hero Academia from Snap Thirty. It’s a fun post to read and looks at how cool this episode was and the characters are and how even when the show is busy being cool it never forgets to progress its plot. Well worth the read.

D from D Talks Anime has started their watch of Another and gives their thoughts on episode 1. As a major fan of horror anime, I’m really looking forward to seeing how they go with this watch and to following their posts.

The Anime Accord this week shared their top 10 Anime clichΓ©s. We’ve seen all of these many times before and its fun reading lists like these because you remember all the anime that follow these particular trends and patterns.

And that’s all from me.

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Karandi James.


17 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

    1. Glad you liked it and no problem. Trying to not listas many MHA posts next week but there are some really great ones as the next episode was equally epic.

  1. Woot, thanks for the mention Karandi. Indeed, MHA was in the zone last week (and even this week). I’d love to talk more about it in my weekly reviews, but I’m afraid I need to cut down on the articles for the time being to focus on my dissertation. But I’ll be sure to keep checking out your blog and maybe post an editorial or two.

    Thanks again!

    1. No problem (yeah MHA definitely followed up that episode with another fantastic episode).
      Good luck with your dissertation.

  2. Thanks for the mention!

    And seems like you’ve got some fun times coming up. Enjoy the travelling! Also, it’d be cool to see your posts on the 30 day anime challenge.

  3. Thanks for feauturing me, Karandi. I just love doing some random lists that would awaken this nostalgic feeling. I mean, 15 to 20 years ago was surely a blast for anime fans. πŸ™‚

    For your love of MHA, I think I should give the show a try. I only watched the first episode before. Reading some good reviews makes me want to watch the anime for the second chance. πŸ™‚

    1. No problem – I enjoyed your post.
      MHA is pretty standard action but it does it really well and with a lot of fun. I ended up enjoying season 1 way more than expected once I finally started it and season 2 has just been getting better.

    1. Thanks and hopefully I will enjoy the travel. I’m a bit stressed about work and what will happen while I’m away but I’m trying to convince myself I’ve done all the prep and anything else can wait until I get back. I’m not very good at convincing myself of that.
      I’m hoping to keep checking in on the blog and being active in the community for most of the trip so I shouldn’t be disappearing. I hope not at least.

      1. I can be like that as well, when it comes to work. It’s always hard to let go of things, but in the other hand everyone needs some relaxation time as well. I’m sure everything will be okay when you get back, especially since you are saying that you have done all the prep that you can. So I would not worry to much 😊 Hope you will have a great trip, and no I’m sure you won’t disappear. Take care and be safe 😊

    1. No problem and MHA definitely deserved all the posts it got last week. There were a bunch of others that I didn’t end up linking to but basically a lot of my enoyment last week came from these.

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