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Okay, business as usual this week (except for yet another day off from work due to a local holiday – though this is pretty much the last weekday off for awhile so I made the most of it). Some of the anime I’m watching are getting really exciting and I’ve really been enjoying this season. Part of that enjoyment has been coming from catching up with what everyone else is watching and their thoughts. Below I’ve got a collection of posts I ran across over the week that really grabbed my attention. As always, feel free to add a link in the comments below to a post you feel needs some attention.

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soul eater 3

I found an interesting post on Ideas Without End that looked at the concept of freedom within the Eccentric Family 2. Of all the sequels out this season, this one doesn’t seem to be getting that much coverage or discussion so it was great to see such a thoughtful post about the transforming tanuki family.

Weekend Otaku shares a detailed scene analysis of Kaneki’s transformation in Tokyo Ghoul. This was an absolutely fabulous read looking closely at the scene and the symbolism used. Definitely worth checking out if you missed this post.

Cain S Latrani has a great review of Kimi ni Todoke. Okay, I’m a little biased on that one but I love the show and this write up highlights beautifully everything that makes you fall in love with it. Seriously, if you like romance at all and you haven’t tried the anime, check out this post.

From Keiko’s Anime Blog we have a discussion about episode 7 of My Hero Academia which is interesting, but the comment discussion between Keiko and Marthaurian about the genetics and how quirks are inherited is equally worth reading on this post. Lots to think about after reading here.

Kapodaco on Criticism and Thoughts has a great write up about Shinsekai Yori. Just as a caution, there’s a lot of details included in the write up (there is a spoiler warning on it), but if you’ve already read a lot of posts about this show and aren’t convinced to give it a try, this is definitely something you should read.

Shokamoka’s Blog of Wonders shares their opinionated view of Flying Witch. If you missed it when it came out last year, there are already lots of reviews out there about this particular slice of life anime. This post does a good job of giving you the positives of the show but ultimately makes it clear who this show is not going to work for.

Kin S Law shares their thoughts on Iron Blooded Orphans and on the Gundam franchise in general in this interesting post. While I wasn’t such a fan of season 2 of Iron Blooded Orphans, I liked the last paragraph of this post as it highlights the themes the series deals with and reading that it made me realise that even though as a story, season 2 kind of lost its way, from a thematic point of view Orphans stayed on course. Anyway, if you’ve yet to watch Orphans, this post is probably worth checking out and it stays out of spoiler territory.

Lethargic Ramblings asks us not to take anime viewing too seriously. It’s a nice reminder that no matter how into anime you are, at the end of the day it is art and entertainment and occasionally you will probably object to some of the content produced but it isn’t really worth getting angry about.

A Piece of Anime has a short post on The Value of My Hero Academia’s Sincerity. It focusses on the fact that My Hero Academia may not be treading any new ground but that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of watching it. A nice reminder that sometimes generic or cliché is not the end of the world for a series.

And that’s all from me.

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