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I’m going to be honest, I took things a little easier this week after the anniversary week. That was an incredibly hectic week (in a very good way) for the blog and I needed a little bit of recovery time I think. That said, I’ve still found some excellent posts over the last week that I’m keen to share. As always, feel free to add a link in the comments below to a post you feel needs some attention.

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Weekend Otaku made my week when the asked Who Did It Better and put Soul Eater up against Noragami in terms of which show had the best character who was also a weapon. I love the reasons laid out and I also just loved seeing these two anime going head to head even as I struggled to make my own choice about who I thought did it better. Great post and well worth the read.

Lethargic Ramblings shared another Listless List and this one discusses their most significant video games growing up (so not anime but still cool). If you would like a blast from the past than this list is definitely worth checking out.

Marth’s Anime Blog shares some speculation on Sagrada (Sakurada) Reset. I’m not sure how many people still haven’t dropped this show but the trying to figure out what is going on with the powers and the town is probably the most interesting thing about it and Marthaurion is taking a look specifically at Misora’s time reset. For anyone still watching the show, worth checking out.

Wave Motion Cannon has brought us a lengthy but truly great read about Yuri on Ice. And I’d almost made it a month without sharing a Yuri on Ice post, however, this one needs to be read so here it is. Check out their thoughts on ice skating, narrative, character representations, and everything else that Yuri on Ice is. Great post.

Yaoi Playground has a post exploring the Killing Stalking Fandom. This post looks at why this particular title got the attention it did and the themes it explores, but also links to some other reviews about it. Interesting read for people either interested in Killing Stalking or interested in why the fuss around Killing Stalking.

Mechanical Anime Reviews gives us their midseason thoughts on the shows they picked up this season. There’s a lot of these posts floating around and I’ve enjoyed them all, but I like the reasoning given in this list for their placement. Worth checking out if you aren’t watching seasonally but are starting to choose shows to watch once they are done airing.

Minute Art shares some thoughts on Death Note specifically looking at pacing and characterisation. It’s a fairly thoughtful post and fans of the series will probably have fun reading this perspective and comparing it to their own thoughts about the narrative as a whole. Definitely something to be read if you’ve ever watched Death Note (pass if you haven’t because you are definitely hitting spoiler territory).

From Miandro’s Side we have day 12 of the 30 day anime challenge where they have chosen their favourite anime scene. As it is a scene I love I was probably already sold on this post, but then they beautifully explain why this scene is so great. I just had to share this post.

Lastly, Simply Everything, Mostly Nothing has a list of anime and manga clichés that should make most of you smile as you recognise the ones that have played out time and time again. It’s a fun post to read and some great examples from both new and older anime.

And that’s all from me.

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Karandi James.


14 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

      1. I couldn’t either… I’ve been working on a post to the same end for a couple of months, and more people’s thoughts are very helpful. I’m a much better writer when I have someone to bounce off of.

  1. Thanks for the mention, Karandi! I’m happy to hear that I made your week. Hopefully my next “Who did it Better?” will also be fun for you.

    Good to see you took things easier this week. Relaxing a bit after the incredible year in blogging you’ve had was more than deserved, but of course you still found some great posts to share because that’s what you do.

    I saw in your first reply on this post that you’re looking for a way to involve followers. I’d love to brainstorm some engagement ideas with you sometime as I’m trying to do the same.

    1. No problem and I look forward to your next ‘Who did it better”.
      I’d love to discuss some ideas with you, though I’m probably holding off on anything major regarding the blog until after July because I know I’m taking a short break from seasonal anime then (have some planned travel and won’t have reliable access to streaming video) and I don’t want to start something new and then abandon it that quickly.
      Feel free to send me a message via twitter or email (contact).

    1. I kind of needed to take things a little easier. The anniversary week was fun but that was really too busy while working full time. I would burn out fast if I kept that pace going all the time.

  2. Thanks for the feature and praise!

    Too bad I couldn’t participate in your blog anniversary week, had a lot of stuff to do and could offer time to write just the “30 Day Anime Challenge” and a few episode reactions.

    Here’s to another wonderful chapter of your blog! Keep writing! 😀

    1. I know everyone in this community is really busy with their own blogs and actual lives so I was glad for those who were able to participate. Hopefully I can think of something later in the year where I can involve some of my followers because I’d really like to find new ways to engage people.

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