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Hey everyone. Well, my anniversary week is finally done and I had a great time. Hopefully you will all still be with me next year when I celebrate 2 years blogging. For now, check out some great posts that I’ve found on other blogs and as always, feel free to add a link to some great content in the comments below.

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I had to share this post from Kapodaco as they share their thoughts on NHK’s Top 100 Anime list. I’m not sure whether seeing the placement of some titles on the list or Kapodaco’s reaction to them was more entertaining but this was a great post to read. (Minor language warning for the post.)

Shokamoka’s Blog of Wonders has a write up on Tales of Zestiria the X specifically looking at episode 25. While they start off poking fun (as the title of the post suggests) at some of the sillier moments in the episode, they then focus in on what the episode did well. It is an interesting read and looks really at the strengths and weaknesses of the series as a whole as captured by that final episode. Worth checking out (though clearly spoilers given it is a final episode write up).

I know I’ve had quite a few from this blog lately, but here’s another post from Keiko’s Anime Blog this time sharing their thoughts on Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2. They are quite critical of this second season and a lot of their thoughts kind of echo my own frustrations with this second season.

Two Girls Gaming have a review of Persona 5. I haven’t played the game but I’ve seen a lot of write ups about it as well as various comments on twitter and now it seems people are finally giving full reviews. They do claim minor spoilers for the review.

Kimmie Kawaii shares some very cool cosplay photos from a convention that she attended. I love seeing the dedication of some fans, whether it is anime or superheroes, people who go all out on a costume are always impressive.

Bardic Impulses takes a look at Science in Mass Effect: Andromeda looking at both how it was used well and some moments where over simplifications occur. It’s a different take on the game from the usual reviews so worth checking out and raises some interesting points.

Railgunfan75 has a list of their Top 5 Movies based on anime series. While I’m terrible for not getting around to the films of many anime series, a few that I’ve seen and enjoyed made it on to this list and it was just reading the reasoning behind the choices. Great read.

The Anime Prince talks about Granblue Fantasy and the useless flying sidekick in the room in the form of Vyrn. Mostly in the way that he is contributing nothing to the show. I didn’t much like Vyrn but I hadn’t given him enough thought to realise you could literally erase him from every scene and lose nothing except a pink, floating creature. Interesting post.

Prattle offers us 6 White Lies Viewers Say About the Spring Season. It is a great list of lines you will hear in almost any forum for discussing anime and Prattle gives great reasons why, even if you like or dislike a show, the statement being made probably isn’t as accurate or definite as the person stating it might like it to be. Well worth reading and thinking about how people discuss anime.

Lastly, D Talks Anime shares their favourite scenes from Attack on Titan season 1. It’s a great list packed with some of the best moments from the show. As we’re all kind of glued to season 2 at the moment, it is a nice reminder as to why, even with some of the flaws, Attack on Titan is still kind of awesome.

And that’s all from me.

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  1. Thanks for featuring me again! πŸ™‚ Now I’m going to go check out all the posts you’ve mentioned that I haven’t read yet. :’)

  2. Thanks for the mention! I missed a lot of the posts featured this week so thanks for bring them up.

    1. No problem. I really enjoyed your take on Vyrn. I didn’t like him as a character but hadn’t really given him enough thought but after reading your post I had to agree with you on your point of view.

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