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Another super busy week (even with a public holiday in Australia). Still, I managed to get to everything, including checking out some great blogs. Below I’ve linked to some great posts that I found during the week. As always, feel free to share a link in the comments below.

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Mechanical Anime Reviews has a fairly insightful post about Kado: The Right Answer and some of the issues with its approach to narrative, as well as why it is kind of great. Well worth reading.

Weekend Otaku has finished viewing and reviewing Your Lie in April so if you missed any of these beautifully written posts that will break your heart nearly as much as the anime you can check out all 22 of them. This was a great project and I know a lot of us enjoyed following along with this viewing.

From Keiko’s Anime Blog we have an episode review of Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 4. This episode was what tipped this show into a must watch for me, and it seems like I am not alone in having really enjoyed the episode. This is a nice review to check out if you don’t want spoilers from the manga but just want to know why the episode was great. There’s also a great write up on episode 4 of Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor that I found summed up the episode and the series so far pretty well.

The same episode of Attack on Ttian is covered by D, a little more spoilery though attempts to keep it spoiler free. There’s definitely a lot packed into this episode and it got a lot of people talking.

Mechanical Anime Reviews has a write up of some of the anime of Spring 2017 and on leaving the Light Novel Stigma behind. Its a great post and addresses an issue a lot of anime fans have which is the number of terrible light novel adaptations leaving us with little tolerance for new titles, but we also need to remember some are worth trying.

All Andrealinia asks Does the Opening Sequence Matter in a post that gets us all to think about whether we are watching all those openings or not and why or why not. A great post to check out if you missed it during the week.

Schizoidmouse Squeaks shares their favourite Bleach Openings (the nostalgia hit hard while reading this post). If you are a Bleach fan of any sort you should check out this post. Great fun to read.

Evil Geek Cult discusses the use of horror in video games and looks at how easy it would be for the Elder Scrolls to become a horror game. Interesting thought, and I’d really like to play that. Well worth the read if you are into either gaming or horror or just like speculating about what could be.

Anime Corps had an interesting editorial called Obligated Entertainment. They were thinking about the number of anime references they use within articles and whether that made it too difficult for newcomers to really get the points coming across and why so many references were even being used. It’s an interesting discussion and a fun read.

And that’s all from me.

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7 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. Thanks for pointing people to the rewatch party again! As always, I’m very grateful for the attention.

    For those of you seeing this just now: Even if the party is over, I’m willing to discuss with anyone that wants to talk about individual episodes.

    1. No problem. I hadn’t put you on the list since the start of the rewatch but wanted to remind people about it since it was such a great read.

  2. I’ll definitely make sure to check these posts out! And thank you for featuring me on this, really means a lot! 😊

    1. No problem. I’ve been loving some of your episodic thoughts this season. The issue is choosing which posts to link to.

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