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We’re getting closer to May and the one year anniversary of 100 Word Anime. Thanks to the followers who have already decided to participate in the anniversary and have sent me their 100 word write up about anime or my blog. Remember if you are participating can you please send me this by the 22nd so that I can begin scheduling the final posts.

So, another week, another round of amazing posts by some very cool bloggers. As always feel free to add a link in the comments below if you came across a post (anime related or similar) that you feel deserves some extra attention.

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WeekendOtaku is helping all of us bloggers out by sharing an accessibility tip for our blog as well as pointing us to where we can find more advice. Given more of us learn our way around blogging through trial and error (because who has actually read through every help page topic WordPress offers) this post was incredibly helpful at focussing on one specific thing we could do on our blogs. Well worth checking out.

Railgunfan75 shares 5 anime clichés they’d like to see disappear. No real surprises on the list but it is definitely worth thinking about those tropes we see over and over again that really don’t serve much purpose.

Archi-Anime gives us a list of their top 10 males with Raven hair. Tuxedo Mask only gets an honourable mention (poor Darien) but the list is made up of some great characters and is great fun to read.

Weeaboo Trash Snow discusses the narrative themes of Sailor Moon S. As this was my favourite of the Sailor Moon stories I really enjoyed revisiting it when I read this post. Well worth checking out whether you are a fan of the series or are just curious as to why so many people are.

The Tiny World of an Anime Amateur has a fairly detailed review of Hand Shakers. They don’t like the show, but they do a fine job of trying to explain exactly where it goes wrong. This is possibly the least rant like review of this show I’ve read so far and is a nice read for anyone still considering watching Hand Shakers.

Another Hand Shakers review from Standing on My Neck. It’s very direct and to the point about the many things wrong with the series (though I am going to put a minor language warning on the post so if you are offended by the occasional bit of course language please be warned). It’s quite a fun read for those who have sat through Hand Shakers and probably a good warning for those who are considering it.

D&A Anime Blog gives us the top 5 reasons anime conventions are awesome. If you’ve yet to try a convention, or even if you attend conventions regularly, this is a great list for reminding us why they are fun.

Coffee with Paradoxy ranks the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Openings and Closings. It’s an interesting list and made me really just want to go and watch all the openings again because FMA Brotherhood had some awesome openings. Anyway, worth checking out.

The Backloggers has a review of SukaSuka Episode 1, or more a discussion about why episode 1 works as a solid introduction to the series unlike so many other episode 1’s out there that just leave you feeling meh. Given I also went into WorldEnd blind and then found myself kind of thrilled by the show, I really enjoyed reading this post.

It’s a little older but here’s a post from Airztonne Anime reviewing A Silent Voice. It neatly sums up the experience of viewing and discusses how the story works as a film. If you missed it, you should give it a read.

The Old Anime Guy discusses the End of the Golden Age of Anime Streaming. While it is a fairly pessimistic look at the industry, you can’t really refute any of the points and to be honest legal access to anime streaming is a real concern.

And that’s all from me.

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    1. Glad these are useful. There’s a few people running similar articles weekly and I find them all useful in tracking down new blogs to explore.

  1. Thanks for the great links 🙂 ahh makes me so happy to see other bloggers doing this now I remember when I started doing my friday feature hardly saw any of this so good on you XD

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