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Right, so it’s become a regular feature for now. I kind of enjoy the process of recording some of my favourite reads and people seem to appreciate having posts shared so I’ll see where this goes.

As always, I found some great posts about anime (some about manga) this week. While not all of them ended up here, these are the ones I remembered to record. Feel free to add links to any posts you found particularly noteworthy last week.

Geekritique looks at the anticipated anime for the Autumn season (okay, they said fall but it’s hard enough for me to accept it’s the Autumn season when Australia is entering spring without calling it fall). Anyway, if you are still undecided about what you want to watch it may be worth a look.

JAPANime Talks shares 5 truths found in ReLIFE. This was an interesting read  and really looked at some of the themes that the seemingly simply slice of life series addressed. It’s a great read and well worth the look.

This one is a bit different. On Quiesence there was a post about anime dentistry where they examine how anime shows character teeth or not. It’s not something I’d given much throught to so it was an interesting read.

Shannon McNaught shared a list of things that happen in manga that don’t often happen in real life over on Rocket News. While a lot on the list might be obvious it does make you think about all the other things anime and manga seem to try to make seem normal that are unlikely to ever occur.

Say what you will about Orange, and most of us have (this anime generates a lot of discussion if nothing else), I think most people have agreed that Suwa is an interesting character. Two Happy Cats looks at some of the strengths and weaknesses of the series and gives a shout out to the true MVP of Orange.

On Dad Watches Anime we get a great collection of screen shots reminding us that Anime is Beautiful. If you just want to bask in some beautiful scenes, hop on over and check out the selection.

Kimmie Kawaii is helping out newbies to anime with a nice glossary of some of the honourifics you will encounter. While people who watch a lot of anime will be familiar with most the terms it’s definitely a helpful guide to new comers.

Bloom Reviews did a write up for Snow White with the Red Hair season 1 and does a nice job discussing some of the strengths of the anime.

It seems that now that I’m writing down the posts I really enjoy, I’m finding more and more. As I said above, feel free to add your own links to posts that are worth checking out (anime and manga related – maybe gaming).



7 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. I’m glad this has become a regular fixture. It’s amazing how many great pieces you can miss, so I’m grateful that your collate some awesome reads here. Thanks you ^^

    1. No problem. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on Orange as it took a slightly different approach to some of the articles I’ve read about it.

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