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Another week down and we’re getting closer to the end of the Winter anime season (which for me means I’m getting excited about it not being Summer soon given how hot it has been). I’ve come across some great posts this week and the list below is only a small selection. If you have a post or know of one that should get some attention (anime related or similar) please feel free to link in the comments.

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Lethargic Ramblings has an interesting write up about Scum’s Wish episode 7. As I can’t watch this show I am currently living vicariously through the reviews of others and the manga which I am slowly reading on Crunchyroll. While Lethargic Ramblings is full of praise for the show, they note some weaknesses in this episode.

Moderately Klassy shares some of their favourite anime school uniforms. There are so many to choose from. Anyway, there’s some interesting choices here to check out.

Scott on Mechanical Anime Reviews has a bit of a discussion about Netflix and the anime industry. As Netflix is one of many streaming services making their presence felt it is certainly worth having a look at their impact on the industry.

Hold Up, Let’s Talk discusses the ACCA dub and cast. As I don’t watch simuldub and it isn’t until much later when DVD’s become available in Australia that I’m ever likely to hear a dub, this isn’t something I’m able to comment on. It’s good to know that the dub of this seems to sound interesting given how much dialogue there is.

Ogiue Maniax shares their thoughts on Lostorage Incited WIXOSS. It’s a nice overview, comparing this latest entry to previous WIXOSS series as well as similar anime in style or theme. Worth checking out.

Jon Spencer Reviews has a post titled Is Anime Jargon Necessary. It’s an interesting post with some links to some interesting videos expressing different views on the topic and certainly gives you something to think about.

An Idiot’s Guide to Everything has an excellent post about Nagisa from Assassination Classroom. If you ever wanted to look at how Nagisa became such a natural assassin than this post really breaks down his skill set as demonstrated throughout the series. Well worth a read.

Nice Job Breaking it Hero gives us 11 reasons they love Tsukishima Kei. It’s a great list and there reasons are highly entertaining to read through. If you didn’t catch this post your should check it out.

Archi-Anime has a post about the headquarters for Scepter 4 in K and the building that inspired it. I love these posts as they take a slightly different look at some of the iconic places in anime and connect them to the real world.

That’s it for this week.

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