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And we are plunging head first into another week. This week I’m very thankful anime exists as a way to forget about everything else for just a little bit of time. That said, here is this week’s round up of anime related posts from some very cool bloggers that I’ve come across during last week. If you have a post or know of one that needs some love (anime related or similar) please feel free to link in the comments. If it goes to spam I will approve it ASAP.

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The Only Shinyuu Site has a write up on La Corda D’oro: Blue Sky Review. As this was an interesting review and this is an anime I am unlikely to ever watch myself, I decided to point you over to this blog.

Shoujo Thoughts has a more personal post as they share their process in creating an avatar for their blog in a post appropriately titled Drawing Curly Anime Hair is Hard. I like posts like this where it feels we get to meet a bit of the person behind the blog  and its always fun watching someone try new things so go check out this post and some others on Shoujo Toughts’ blog.

Caffeinated Telescopes explains why they didn’t like Izetta giving us what they call a ‘cynical, analytical dissection‘. They raise some excellent points about the show and why it didn’t work but also acknowledge that the show did have quite a fan base while it was airing.

Jill from Jill’s Writing on Anime explains why Fukigen na Mononokean frustrated them. I have to pretty much agree with every point they make. There were so many great ideas hinted at throughout the series that it utterly just left hanging and provided no explanation about. Instead we focused on the most mundane issues the show could offer. Great post if you watched the series.

Lethargic Ramblings share their first impressions of Shinsekai Yori which really just reminded me of the first time I tried to watch it. And also made me want to watch it again because its been a fair while since I last watched the whole thing through.

I’ve got another write up from Kevin Pennyfeather on ACCA. Seriously, watching the show is fantastic but reading this write up each week just makes the experience more enjoyable (even if I usually have to go and rewatch the episode after reading it because it points out something I’ve missed or only been vaguely aware of). definitely check out this blog and if you haven’t watched ACCA yet, check it out.

Shoujo Thoughts gives us another Yuri On Ice post. This one is great as it really looks at the smaller indicators of Victor and Yuri’s relationship rather than debating whether or not that was a kiss. It is fantastic to see that even after nearly two months people are still finding new things to explore with this anime and the great posts just keep coming.

Arria on Fujinsei has completed her round up of posts from the January blog carnival and has announced dates for the March carnival. If you are an anime blogger and you haven’t checked out one of these carnivals, go and see the great posts that made the round up this time and make note of the dates in March. Its a great way to meet new bloggers and find some really excellent posts to read. Thanks Arria for hosting these.

Ryuji Tatsuya’s Anime Review has a list of anime without conclusions. This is a list that could pretty much be endless at this point as it is one of the things that drives me crazy and having watched pretty much everything on this list it just reminded me how frustrating it is when you are into a story and then the story doesn’t finish. It’s like someone just tore the last chapter out of your novel and tossed it away. Only in this case they didn’t even write it (unless you read the source material in some instances in which case its like asking someone to read a novel up to x point and then watch a movie to see the end).

Just as a side note; WordPress is doing this really fun thing where a large number of comments I make on other blogs are just going straight to spam. No explanation as to why other than a suggestion that using links in comments or foul langauge will get you flagged. I’m pretty certain neither of those conditions applies to the majority of my comments (or any of them), so if you come across a comment I’ve made in your spam, I’d really appreciate it if you would mark it as not spam. Thanks.

That’s it for this week.

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  2. WordPress seems to behave and display your comments properly once at least one is unmarked as spam. At least that’s how it worked with me. Do you it’s some weird glitch that popped up because you got your own domain?

    And as always, thanks for this great round-up.

    1. I am thinking its to do with my rubbish internet connection. It tends to mark me as spam more on days when my connection is weak and dropping out regularly compared to other days where I have no issues. That’s still annoying though.

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