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This week started fairly rough and I’m going to be super busy with real life and work related stuff for a few days but hopefully it won’t interfere with my posting schedule or with visiting the wonderful anime blogs I find each week. As always I have a collection of posts I found over the week that I just feel the need to share but if you have a post or read one that you’d like to give a shout out to, feel free to add it in the comments below.

Shameless self-promotion: As you all know I started a patreon site for my blog and am looking for patrons to support the expansion of 100 Word Anime. Even if you aren’t thinking about becoming a patron, hop on over to my patreon site because you can check out my reviews of Super Lovers Season 2 episodes and the Scum’s Wish manga. I’m looking at content specifically for patrons for next month and am currently mulling over a few ideas. End shameless self-promotion.

Plain Pasta and Plain Rice has a bit of a discussion post about short form anime and what they like about it. This is interesting because there’s a lot of short anime out there that don’t get a lot of attention (though some for good reason). Anyway, you should check out this post.

Thoughts That Move discusses Serial Experiments Lain and how it predicted the modern context where we construct our own identities online. It’s an interesting discussion about fiction and how it reflects social changes (or sometimes manages to predict where things are going).

The Bear Sleuth gives us 5 reasons why we wouldn’t want to be Ash Ketchum and makes a fairly compelling case for never wanting to be this character.

Not anime related, but Our Movie Life shared their list of top 10 Emma Stone movies. While I probably would have reordered some of the titles, I loved this list because Emma Stone is great in almost everything she does (even if the movie is not so great). So, for something a bit different from the usual anime lists I share, this one I just had to share.

Anime and Fandom Life has a brief review of Usagi Drop. It doesn’t get into details but kind of sums up perfectly why you should check out the anime if you haven’t already.

Pop Culture Uncovered has the first part of a list of Best Anime Bromances. So far there’s been some interesting choices so worth checking out and keeping your eyes open for the rest of the list.

Kevin Pennyfeather delivers another great break down on ACCA, this time looking at episode 5 and specifically spending a lot of time on the music throughout this episode. I’ve been loving their weekly updates on this anime and it is something I look forward to after watching the episode. Definitely something anyone watching ACCA should check out and if you haven’t started ACCA, this series of posts might convince you.

An Idiots Guide to Everything looks at Nagisa and the Nekodamashi (or his clap attack) in Assassination Classroom. This is a great read and a lot of fun even as it draws the fairly obvious conclusion that clapping in someone’s face is unlikely to paralyse them.

And that’s it for this week.

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