In Case You Missed It 2020 #7

Crazy busy doesn’t even begin to describe the week I had as I opened the work week with two days that both stretched into the 12 hour mark and the rest of the week didn’t noticeably improve. On the bright side, I got a lot done and feel like I’m getting a bit of a flow now so hopefully this doesn’t become the norm. Not to mention, while I’m exhausted, I’m kind of loving throwing myself into a new challenge and feeling a good sense of forward movement at the moment. What that means is next week I’ve got very few posts drafted and will probably just get out episode reviews. It also means I don’t have as many posts from the community this week but there’s still a couple I remembered to save the links of earlier in the week.

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Episode Reviews + Posts

Am I Being Too Judgemental or is My Hero Academia Season Just Not Good?

From Irina

Pet Episode 6 Review
Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken Episode 6


My Hero Academia S4 Episode 17 Review with Kapodaco

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From The Aniblogging Community

Lynn Sheridan reviews the short anime Are You Lost? I’m still a handful of episodes off completing it (kind of got distracted) so I enjoyed this reminder that I needed to go finish it.
Blubbyweb ranks every Studio Ghibli Movie in this fun list. Whether you like Ghibli or not and whether you would order the movies differently or not, this one is just a fun reminiscence of the works from Ghibli.
Mel shares some of her favourite anime couples, both canon and not. Very appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

Matt on his new (new) blog Anipinions is discussing 5 Reasons ‘Interspecies Reviewers’ is the most important anime of 2020. While the anime isn’t for me, I’ve been watching the discussion around it being removed from streaming platforms and do feel a discussion around anime and censorship needs to be had. And it is a very slippery slope once companies decide this anime doesn’t meet ‘standards’.

Getting into the Valentine’s spirit, Keiko has a list of 5 romantic anime OP’s that they love. There’s some great anime with some memorable openings here so be sure to check it out.
Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews talks about the Natsume movie giving his thoughts and a brief summary. By the way, I know the image above isn’t from the movie, I’ve yet to have a chance to see it. Really enjoyed his post though.

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