In Case You Missed It 2020 #4

Wow, 2020 is already flying away from us and the Winter Anime season is in full swing. This week after reading so many great reviews I tried the first episode of Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun and really enjoyed it (ended up binge watching all three episodes that were out). I won’t be covering it weekly but I’m definitely going to keep watching. As usual I’ve put together the posts from the blog this week and a collection of posts from the community. There’s some great posts out from some wonderful bloggers so be sure to check them out.

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Episode Reviews + Posts

Looking at the best anime I watched from 2019. First five posts came out this week the final five will be out next week.
Cautious Hero Series Review
Feature Post: Would Bofuri Work if The Protagonist Wasn’t a Cute Female Character?

From Irina


Irina and I discuss our first impressions of the season.

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From The Aniblogging Community

Kawaii Paper Pandas has released the results of the 2019 WordPress Anime Awards. Some surprising and not so surprising winners here. Be sure to check out what the community voted for.
012Mashi discusses how ID:Invaded got them on board. This post does look at specific reveals in the first couple of episodes so if you haven’t watched it yet, maybe do that before reading. Still, it is lovely seeing why someone has been drawn into an anime.
LofZOdyssey reviews Kono Oto Tomare season 2. There’s a lot of detail about what to love in the series as well as some of its weaknesses. Definitely a post to read if you put off the second cour of the anime.
Wooderon discusses his thoughts on the Hassaikai Arc of My Hero Academia. A contemplative look at the past arc and where it might be going from an anime watcher.
Nefarious Reviews has had a go at reviewing Love, Chuunibyou and Other Delusions and found it better than they expected. While this review isn’t a rave it certainly identifies the draws of the show and why it might be worth giving it a go.
Iniksbane discusses School Days and why despite the contrived nature of the plot and character motivations, it doesn’t actually matter. It’s an interesting read about an often mentioned series.
We Be Bloggin’ has a discussion about Hoshiai no Sora and uses the series to shine a light on trends in the anime industry as a whole that impact on the creation of series. While it is a review of the show, it also opens up a much bigger discussion.
Audie Thacker has a guest post on Beneath the Tangles looking at respect and honour in Snow White With The Red Hair. It is an absolutely lovely post about the relationship between Shirayuki and Zen and how it is a different kind of romance to the one normally portrayed in modern media. Solid must read post.

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  1. Thanks for the sharing my post. It’s funny, it’s almost like the following episode was making a point to undercut me when I watched it last night. Guess I’ll have to write a followup myself now.

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