In Case You Missed It 2020 #2

This one was a big week as we have had both the anime of the year poll come to a close and the first five years of my reflection over the last decade have been covered. Not to mention first episodes galore. Fortunately even though I’m back at work almost no one else is so at the moment I’m just doing prep for the year ahead. However all too soon I think things will be getting much busier as I realise all the things I don’t know about my new role. For now though, I’m enjoying my favourite part of the season which is the beginning of a whole bunch of new shows that all have infinite potential, that and reading everyone else’s take on said shows.

This season Irina is likely going to be covering Pet (provided it ends up being watchable) and the two of us have chosen a couple of shows to collaborate on from episode 2. Other than that I will continue my coverage of My Hero Academia with Kapodaco.

The results are in – what was the reader’s pick for 2019’s Anime of the Year?

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Episode Reviews + Posts

Beginning with 2010. This series of posts will be concluded over the next week.
Kemono Michi Series Review

From Irina

Pet – Episode 1 Review


My Hero Academia S4 Episode 12 Review with Kapodaco

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From The Aniblogging Community

Keiko shares their first impressions of Somali and the Forest Spirit. It’s always hard to know at the start of the season what’s worth trying but first impression posts can help.
Lynn Sheridan proposes a spin-off to Isekai Cheat Magician as part of a new series of posts. I think his idea here could be really fun to explore so be sure to check out his thoughts.
Moesucks has a scathing first impression post of Darwin’s Game. Okay, it is more a stream of consciousness from when they were watching the episode, but given my own experience watching, I kind of appreciated this.
Lynn Sheridan gives us his final thoughts on Cautious Hero. There’s some spoilers for the final episodes here but a lot of love for the quirky isekai series from last season.
Mr Flawfinder asks whether Vinland Saga lives up to the hype and has a look at what the anime set out to do and what it achieved during its run time. (Note – spoilers in the post).
Scott muses about 6 trends in anime from the last decade. It is a nice reflective look at the general changes in anime viewing and some of the trends that became standards. Also, a great post about healing in shounen anime. Scott was on fire this week.
Ethan gives us a very positive review of Hoshiai no Sora. While this anime has met with mixed responses from viewers it is great to hear how an anime can affect its viewer. A great read.
Blerdy Otome gives us 10 reasons we should be watching Haikyuu and it is really difficult to argue with them. Great post about a great anime.
Atelier Emily has a wonderful first impressions posts of Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken. This post was a lovely read with insight into the anime and the blogger and every bit of it was full of passion. Definitely check it out.

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    1. No problem. Some days I grab lots of post links because I have time and other days I read stuff I find interesting but forget to grab the link or just don’t have time so like and move on. That’s why I’m happy if you have something you feel you’d like a shout out for you can send me a link via twitter and I’ll make sure to check it out when I have the time. Same if you find an article on someone else’s blog you think deserves a shout out. Be sure to send it my way.

  1. I don’t know what to say… Two mentions… was no one else blogging this week… Just kidding. Thank you so much for sharing. It means a lot, especially with this blog being less than a month old.

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