In Case You Missed It 2020 #1

Welcome to the New Year. 2020 is going to be incredibly busy for me but I am determined to make time for anime and hopefully we will find many brilliant anime to start the new decade. On that note though, if you missed the poll to vote for the best anime of 2019, be sure to go and vote now as the poll will close on the 7th. Next week I’ll start taking a look at the decade and year by year will look at my favourite anime from each season. Hopefully you follow along because I’d love to know what some of your favourite anime from the decade were. For now though, be sure to check out some of the posts from the week and some of the posts from the community.

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Episode Reviews + Posts

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From Irina

Fire Force Episodes 23 + 24 Review

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From The Aniblogging Community

Plebby discusses Stars Align and why they thought it was one of the most underrated anime of the season. There’s a lot of enthusiasm for the anime here and well worth the read.
Dirk has taken on quite the challenge in 2020 and will be revisiting Bleach. if you never watched this shounen story or if you are just ready to revisit it, be sure to check out this post and follow along.
RJ discusses Lemillion, the episode of My Hero Academia season 4 that has made most viewers start paying attention again. To celebrate true heroism check out this post.
Tanteikid94 did a nice review of the first season of March Comes in Like a Lion. Loving seeing Sangatsu getting some love as it is an anime from the last decade that should definitely be remembered.

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    1. I’m going to try not to. I do suspect things are going to get busy soon so I’m trying to prepare some posts in advance. My goal is to ensure I continue daily posting even if it is only one post a day for 2020.

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