In Case You Missed It 2019 #8

Some of you would have already caught the news of twitter but for a week or so I’m scaling back my posting to two posts a day because life got hectic on me. Actually, it has been hectic for a couple of weeks but I was managing but I’m at the point where something has got to give or I’m going to break a little bit, so taking that one post away each day will help lighten the blog load a little and allow me to get some other things in order. I’m definitely not going on break or hiatus, just a temporary slow down of posts.

In the meantime, I’m not certain what that means for my reading of other posts. So far, I know I haven’t been commenting as much, more just reading and liking posts and moving on because I’m a little time poor at the moment. Hopefully I can continue to visit everyone and read their work because I really enjoy it and hopefully I can get back to being able to comment on posts and discuss anime with people.

Thanks to everyone who sent me kind words and thoughts on Twitter. I appreciate it and hopefully things will be back to normal very soon.

Below are some cool posts I came across last week. As always, if there is a post you would like to give a shout out to, send me a link via my contact page or DM on Twitter and I’ll check it out.

Posts from the Community

Standing On My Neck has a mini-essay on the Crunchyroll awards winners. As I kind of tuned out of the awards this year after seeing the nominations and only finding one or two in any category that I even vaguely wanted to vote for, I was a little curious as to what ended up winning. I probably shouldn’t have been, but I did enjoy reading this post that looks at the nominations, what one and what Mr Flawfinder would have picked instead.

Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers has a mid-season review of The Promised Neverland (yes, everyone is writing about it). This one is a quick impression of the anime so far and is great though there is a fair amount of comparison to the manga (still no future spoilers if you are only watching the anime). Well worth the read if you are curious about The Promised Neverland.

The Promised Neverland Episode 4 Ray, Emma and Norman

Red Wolf Artist shares some more news on Japan’s attempts at modifying their copyright laws. Much like the EU’s current situation, this is one I’ve been paying fairly close attention to as the implications in terms of a future as an ani-blogger could either be huge or non-existent depending on just what the final version of the laws are that get passed and how they choose to interpret and enforce them.

Blubbyweb has a comparison of Poco’s Udon World and Barakamon looking at the superficial similarities in the settings and characters of the show, but the deep differences that lead to quite a different viewing experience. Having watched both of the anime, and quite enjoyed them even though neither is really within my preferred type of story, I quite enjoyed seeing them contrasted as it high lights what makes each anime a valuable and entertaining watch. Definitely worth checking out.

Ahneemeh has a fun post where they look at ten character pairs you won’t believe have the same voice actor. There’s quite the wide ranging list of characters and voice actors on this list and some of the pairs really do make you sit back and think if they sound anything alike. Still, there’s some well known voices on this list and it is always good to see the voice actors getting recognised for bringing some of our favourite characters to life.

Pick of the Week

Nefarious Reviews has a great write up of Paranoia Agent. Clearly they are a fan of the director and that definitely shows in how they have viewed the anime, but it means this review highlights a lot of the positives that a fairly weird and overlooked anime bring to the table. If you’ve never tried Paranoia Agent, this one is a spoiler free review that might get you interested. And I am impressed that they managed to review it spoiler free. It is a hard anime to write about without giving things away.

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12 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It 2019 #8

  1. This was a really informative post for me. Especially the blog post you linked to about the new copyright law that might happen soon.
    It was really important information, so thanks.

    As for posting less, I also think that 2 a day is still a very good amount so you should just take it at your own pace. Good luck with your posting!

    1. But reading other posts is one of the best things about blogging. It is the interaction with the community. I could get my writing schedule back on track in an instant if I just stopped reading other blogs, but at that point I’d have to question why I’m writing if I’m not engaging with the community.

      1. I could get a lot more done if I didn’t read or comment. Every post I liked, I have read. I have a lot more things I follow that are unrelated to anime, nudie-ness, outdoor, science, etc. It can keep me from actually doing things.

  2. 2 a day is still a pretty incredible feat and no one’s going to to begrudge your decision to slow it down for a while. I hope it all settles down for you soon.

    1. I hope so too. I knew the months leading up to April were going to be a little chaotic and busy which is why all my planned projects for the blog are in the second half of the year. I didn’t expect it to be this bad though. I’m really struggling to get stuff written at the moment because even when I have the time I don’t have the focus or energy just at the moment because so much else is happening.

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