In Case You Missed It 2019 #6

Welcome back to another week and as normal I’ve found some really interesting posts from the community. There’s a few game related posts this week and I’m not really sure why, but there just seemed to be a lot of interesting content around some new releases that caught my eye. Anyway, hopefully you find something fun to read in the list below. And if you want my overall thoughts on the Winter 2019 Anime season so far check out my half-time thoughts.

Posts from the Community

Season 1 Episode 1 gives their first impressions of Grimms Notes and looks at how a narrative posing a question but not answering it in a satisfying way can leave the viewer feeling just a little disappointed. If you are curious about Grimms Notes this is probably an excellent first post to read as it looks for positives in the series but addresses the flaws in how the series is executing its ideas within the first episode.

Crow and Irina discuss The Promised Neverland Episode 4 and if you haven’t watched it pass on this discussion because it is going to reveal… well, everything from the episode and it is worth watching cold provided you haven’t already heard it all on Twitter. The back and forth between these two as they look at each scene is really fun to read so if you are following the Promised Neverland and you missed this post, go check it out.

The Promised Neverland Episode 4 Ray

Ryder from The Kitten Who Eats Ramen has a review of a Visual Novel called Red Embrace. BL and Vampires, and it look s kind of interesting. I’ll admit, I’m not hugely into Visual Novels but I have played the odd one or two and I enjoy reading reviews of new games because occasionally I’ll look for a new one to play and this one definitely grabbed my interest from this review. Might be a post worth checking out if you are also looking for something new and you don’t mind BL Vampire stories.

Lynn Sheridan has a review of Goblin Slayer. I love their review format as it breaks things down into nice, manageable chunks of what was liked, what wasn’t, which characters work, which need more screen time, etc. It’s an easy reading experience and gets the point across. Anyway, if you want to read a review of Goblin Slayer this one is well worth reading.

Goblin Slayer - High Elf Archer

Nintendo Soup shared a video of Piranha Plant in a parody anime opening featuring a range of characters from Super Mario Smash Bros Ultimate. They didn’t make the video but I am very glad they shared it because I did not know my life was missing that until I watched it. If you want a minute and a half of pure fun check it out.

Mel always has a good eye for collecting anime boys and once again this year they’ve presented their harem for 2018. There are some excellent choices on the list and some interesting ones but if you want to know about the boys from last year this is the post to check out. Also links to their 2017 list in case you are curious. Also from Mel is a great review of The Ancient Magus’ Bride so be sure to check that one out as well.


Shania from Quotable Creations has a quick run down on the timeline of the Kingdom Hearts games leading to Kingdom Hearts 3. It doesn’t go into too much depth but it does give you the quick overview of the main events and characters and if you were looking to reminisce about the franchise it is a nice place to start.

Pick of the Week

And still on Kingdom Hearts, Lethargic Ramblings shares their thoughts on Kingdom Hearts 3 and how it has concluded a story spanning more than a decade. There are some spoilers for the game here (and that warning is at the beginning of the post) but the love for the game is very clear in this post and I loved reading it. One well worth checking out if you enjoy feeling excited about a story.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Promo Image

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8 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It 2019 #6

  1. Wow, I’m really honoured to have my post mentioned here! Thank you so much!

    Writing that one was the most fun I’ve had with the blog in a while, since the game meant so much to me, so I’m glad you (and others) enjoyed reading it.

    It means a lot!

    1. I could tell you had fun writing that. It was great to read something and just feel how enthused the writer was about their topic. Always fun to see something with that much love behind it.

  2. Thanks for the mention and the nice words. I find trying to say what I liked most and least keeps me somewhat honest. Sure, there are times where I struggle with one or the other, but I do try.

    1. It always makes for a fairly helpful review given your format identifies strengths and weaknesses within a series even if you liked or didn’t like it.

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