In Case You Missed It 2019 #5

Another fine week watching anime and we are now in February so I’m anticipating a lot of romance and valentine posts coming out over the next few weeks. My Twitter Feed kind of exploded when I asked what was on people’s list of most romantic anime after updating my own list of Top 5 Romantic Anime and that has been really fun seeing the different choices from the community. Hopefully everyone has had a good week and below are some great posts that I found from the community and links to my own posts in case you missed them.

Posts from the Community

Marth has a great review of Land of the Lustrous that gets to the point and addresses what might be a draw and what might be a turn off for viewers of this particular anime. If you want a quick take on whether Land of the Lustrous might be for you this is a great post to check out.

Cain S Latrani has a review about Goblin Slayer and with a focus on the theme of overcoming PTSD. It is a really interesting look at the central character and his personal journey throughout the series as supported by the supporting characters and a great review of how the anime dealt with its subject matter.


Arthifis continues to roll out his impressions and recommendations for the season before his guide comes out and he’s up to The Promised Neverland. If you are still on the fence about whether to start this one, this look at the first three episodes and the strengths and weaknesses of the anime may well convince you to give it a go. Be sure to check out this post and the others Arthifis has been putting out as the new season continues to roll along.

And speaking of Arthifis, he also posted an interesting discussion piece about talent and Danganronpa that was quite the interesting read. Well worth checking out if you missed it.

Crow’s World of Anime has a great post on episode 3 of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka detailing their three favourite moments and these pretty much highlight why this anime has become such a pleasant surprise this season. If you haven’t checked out the anime but are considering it, check out this post and it might very well make you want to check out the show.


Still on Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka, Xenodude has a more measured approach finding more issues with the series but still finding points to enjoy. If you’d like a bit more of a measured response to the episode then this review might be what you are looking for.

There Goes My Kokoro has a great March Comes in Like a Lion post this week focusing on a specific arc from season two. There are some spoilers for the ‘burnt field’ arc in this post (okay, it tells you what happens so if you haven’t watched it and spoilers bother you, watch the anime first), but it is an amazing explanation of what makes this arc so incredibly powerful despite its focus on a seemingly very side character. Well worth the read for any March Comes in Like a Lion fans and well worth reading if you are curious about what March Comes in Like a Lion is so great.


Seasonal Prattle gives new and old users of the community some guides for engaging in seasonal content. While some of the points seem obvious, others are a welcome reminder that we’re all watching anime because deep down we love it and those differences of opinion don’t matter all that much. Definitely one for people in the ani-community to check out.

Pick of the Week

Marion over on Otaku, She Wrote has an absolutely fabulous post about character design looking at Eiji from Banana Fish and comparing the real life inspiration to the appearance in the manga to the appearance in the anime and how the design conveys his character. It is a lovely post to read and well put together. If you were wanting more Banana Fish now that it is over, this is a great post to check out to get your fix.

Banana Fish Episode 13 Eiji

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4 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It 2019 #5

  1. I always say the same… But it’s really awesome that you do this every single week! I know it takes a lot of your time and it’s really difficult to do it, so thank you so much for putting that extra effort for the community!

    Also, thank you for sharing my first impressions for Neverland! Happy to see that you liked it so much that you add it to your weekly roundup.

    Just one note, when it comes to Dangaropa, I, of course, have to agree with you, it’s a great post! But, it was not me who wrote it xD Although it’s on Anime Shelter it’s a guest blog post xD So, Ty-chama gets all the applause for that one 😉

    1. The review will be out later today (or early tomorrow depending on where you are in the world). I think episode 4 took a little of the shine off the series for me though I’m still quite interested.

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