In Case You Missed It 2019 #45

The Christmas week is always an interesting one and I’ve spent the last two weeks catching up with family and friends and driven a lot of kilometres across the state in the process. All the time in the back of my mind are all the things I still need to do in order to be ready for work to start back in 2020 and basically I’ve been bouncing back and forth between highs and lows emotionally and I’m feeling pretty exhausted. On the other hand, we have the Fall Anime Season wrapping up and while there’s a number of shows I’ve simply dropped at this point, I’m working to finish off the others and finalise my thoughts on them.

I hope everyone had a really great holiday and wishing everyone an excellent New Year’s Eve. While 2020 is looking to be incredibly busy for me I am looking forward to the challenge and hopefully everything will work out.

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From The Aniblogging Community

Marina on Anime B&B wrote about Astra Lost in Space as part of the 12 Days of Anime. I really enjoyed the anime and I found this post a fun reminder of a show that was worth watching.
Atelier Emily is talking about the first six minutes of Given. I loved this first episode when it aired though there’s some real attention to the details in this post that help explain what made it such great viewing.
Blerdy Otome is sharing their ten otome games from the decade. If you never tried an otome game, here’s a list of ten titles from the last ten years that might be a great place to start.
Still on the 12 Days of Anime, Ty-Chama wrote about the basement reveal in Attack on Titan. Now, if you are behind on the anime, there’s probably some spoilers here, though it was definitely one of those moments in anime that deserve to be talked about.
Will Sirius looks at the standout anime of the last decade. This is a fun post to read and a real trip through some of the big hitters from the past ten years. Great read.
Inskidee writes about Hoshiai no Sora (Stars Align) and their thoughts on the season. Much like me they felt there was a bit too much drama being packed into it making it harder to really care about any of it. Be sure to check out their review here.

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This Week’s Must Read

Bloom Into You Episode 12 Nanami and Yuu
Space Whales asks how important is the finale and discusses the journey to the finale, people’s impressions of unfinished stories and unanswered questions, as well as the importance of a meaningful epilogue. It is a great post and one that brings us back to looking at what a story is and what makes it enjoyable. Be sure to check this one out to read if you didn’t catch it already.

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