In Case You Missed It 2019 #42

It has been another intense couple of weeks in the real world and I’m now little less optimistic about things slowing down before I get a break for Summer (one good thing about living in the middle of nowhere is that everything shuts over the Christmas break – and I mean everything). I’ll apologise again for the slightly erratic posting lately and I’ll just keep hoping I get things back under control soon. If not, once work wraps for the year I will be getting back on top of stuff and setting up for the new year with the blog. Thanks to everyone for your support through comments here and on Twitter. It hasn’t been a great couple of weeks (or months really) and I really appreciate the kind words from the community. They’ve definitely helped me keep pushing through all of this.

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Given Series Review

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Bloom Into You Episode 11 Nanami
Ty-Chama takes a look at Touko Nanami’s character from Bloom Into You. A great post for a great character.
Roger Pocock shares their take on Heaven’s Memo Pad. I quite liked this anime though I can understand why it won’t work for some. I enjoyed reading this take on it.
Space Whales has reviewed Brothers Conflict and manages a reasonably balanced post. For those curious, check it out.
Hero4 5e
Crow and Irina discuss My Hero Academia and Kirishima’s focus as the Red Riot in episode 5. Love reading their coverage of this series.

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This Week’s Must Read

Blerdy Otome reviewed Hitorijime My Hero. I loved reading this review considering my top 5 list this week. Great timing and a truly fun read.

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