In Case You Missed It 2019 #41

This was a crazy hectic week and next week is going to be much the same with my traversing half the state and back for work. That said, I still found time to watch some anime so while a few posts and reviews got dropped this week and next week is looking a bit patchy as well, I’m still finding plenty in this Autumn Season to enjoy. Once I get through next week I’ll work on catching up on the shows I’ve fallen a little behind in. Hope everyone else is enjoying some anime this season and be sure to check out some of the posts from the community.

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Three Excellent Reasons For Embracing Repetition in Anime

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Delayed due to travel but will do a double episode review of No Guns Life next week.

From Irina


From The Aniblogging Community

Space Whales shares their thoughts on The Promised Neverland. For those who missed it when it aired earlier this year, now is the time to check out this review and maybe go watch the anime.
Bloom Reviews discusses the significance and symbolism of a new hair cut across a range of stories. This is a delightful read and one I firmly recommend if you missed it.
Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 22 Kirito
Fortress William looks at the villains Kirito faces in SAO and the franchises and why the series needs a new style of villain.
Scott discusses Vinland Saga and Christianity. This is another series I currently don’t have access to but I’ve been curiously reading people’s thoughts about it and I really enjoyed this discussion as it considers reasons for the way a religion has been represented.
Tiger Anime has a review of Astra Lost In Space that captures the fun of the series and is wonderfully positive to read. If you are looking for a reason to try Astra, be sure to check out their post.

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This Week’s Must Read

Elisabeth on The Little Anime Blog discusses water as a metaphor in anime. It’s a lovely post with some shout outs to some fairly iconic moments in series near and dear to the hearts of many. Be sure to check out the post if you didn’t catch it last week.

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