In Case You Missed It 2019 #40

Apparently there is no My Hero Academia episode this week but otherwise everything else aired and I even added a Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle to my seasonal line-up (though I’m a number of episodes behind at this point). Anyway, this week I posted my 4000th post on 100 Word Anime and so this is a huge shout out to the readers who encourage me to want to keep on writing. Irina also had some great posts out this week so be sure to check them out.

Reviews, Articles, and Lists

Why do I still suck at writing reviews?

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Episode Reviews

Cautious Hero Episode 4 Review

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No Guns Life Episode 4 Review – now available for patrons.

From Irina


From The Aniblogging Community

Roger Pocock reviews the first season of Higurashi. They hadn’t watched the second season yet so it is interesting reading their impressions as they are working toward the resolution.
Rory Muses reviews the first volume of the manga for Didn’t I Say To Make my Abilities Average in the Next Life. If you’ve enjoyed the anime so far but don’t want to read the light novels, you may want to check out the manga.
Marth discusses their 5 favourite episodic mysteries. If you are looking for an episodic story to check out, here are five great titles so be sure to read the post.
Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers shares their thoughts on episode 5 of Ahiru no Sora. They seemed to enjoy the episode a bit more than I did so if you are curious be sure to check out their post.
Crow and Irina discuss the episode 3 of My Hero Academia season 4. I do enjoy the conversation between these two as it always leads to some interesting observations.
LofZOdyssey reviews If It’s For My Daughter (Uchi Musume) and has a lot of positives for the series and does an excellent job of examining what to expect if you decide to jump into the show.
Arthifis is back with a post on Cautious Hero and whether it is worth watching. This is a nice introduction post for anyone who hasn’t tried the anime and is wondering whether it will work for them.
In line with the Halloween spirit Luna shares their top 5 monster men. It is a great list and features some awesome characters so definitely check it out.

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This Week’s Must Read

Hannah Brave discusses why they’ve decided not to pick up Psycho Pass season 3 this season. I don’t have the choice as it hasn’t come out somewhere I can watch, but I thought this gave an interesting perspective on whether to pick the show up.

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  1. Oh, cool! Thanks for mentioning Irina and my collab! It’s always nice to catch your attention!

    You found lots of another ani-blogging goodness, too.

    And I still really like your new graphics.

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